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Safety Intelligence™

Cut down on your admin work with automated reports with leading indicators to create more time for key decision-making, leading to a safer environment.

Next, easily present your data to the executive level with powerful analytics and interactive dashboards.


See How Many Injuries
We Can Help You Prevent


Understand the Who, What, Where, Why & How of Risk

eCompliance automatically builds a valuable data-set of leading indicators from every-day safety activities like inspections or incident reports. This data accumulates and populates user-friendly dashboards to give you a better understanding of potential risks before an incident or near miss occurs.

CEO-Ready Reports

Comprehensive Dashboards & Automated Reports

Our dashboards give you a 360º real-time view of safety performance. Create CEO-ready reports. Generate graphs and charts to present meaningful data that highlights areas of success and where you can improve. Auto-subscribe to reports that interest you.


Automated OSHA Reporting

Easily comply with U.S. regulations by keeping your process digitized. Automatically generate 300 forms in pre-formatted OSHA-authorized PDFs at any location in your organization.

How Do I Make
The Business Case For Safety?

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