Take Policies & Procedures Out of
Binders Put Them on Smartphones

Ensure that critical documents are accessible at all times.

Your front-line employees can even access your workplace policies and procedures from their phones when they’re on-site.

See How Many Injuries
We Can Help You Prevent

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Product Features

Document Sharing
& Read Confirmations

Assign policies or formal Job Hazard Assessments and request confirmation that employees have read the materials. Automated acknowledgment reports allow management to see who has/hasn’t read their them to ensure accountability.

Workplace Policies, Procedures
& Safe Work Practices

Give your entire organization access to your workplace policies and procedures at all times so that they have the appropriate guides and steps to work safely anywhere they go.

Formal Risk Registry

Get the experience fo the Safety Nerd Community on your side by building up a risk registry of hazards and controls for key jobs or tasks across your organization so you can drive strong hazard management practices across the organization through formal JHA’s and/or front-line hazard assessments.

What is a Modern Approach to Behaviour Based Safety?

Find out by downloading our whitepaper, BLR Report – Participation Counts: A Look at Participation-Based Safety.


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