Ensure Your Lockout Tagout
Procedure is Done Right

Minimizing downtime with an accessible lockout tagout procedure

Use eCompliance Field iD technology to easily author and edit lockout tagout steps from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

See How Many Injuries
We Can Help You Prevent

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Give Your Front-line
The Right Lockout Procedure

User logins establish who is performing
the work, when the lockout tagout steps
begin, and when they are completed.

1. Assign, perform and record procedure activity.

2. Author, edit and publish procedures & sub-procedures.

3. Schedule and track annual safety audits,
per OSHA compliance.

Instantly Share LOTO Updates
with Upper Management

Comprehensive dashboards give you a 360° real-time view of
safety performance. Create CEO-ready reports. Generate graphs and charts
to present meaningful data that highlights areas of success and where you
can improve. Auto-subscribe to reports that interest you.


Employees can instantly
report damage.


Lockout-tagout immediately
to prevent unsafe use.


Act on red flags like frequent
issues with one machine.

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