Better Incident Reporting
Leads To Fewer Incidents

Employees can instantly report incidents or near-misses from their phones.

Increase participation by giving front-line employees an incident reporting app, while
giving your safety leaders powerful incident management and tracking tools.

See How Many Injuries
We Can Help You Prevent

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Are You Still Managing Incidents On Paper,
Excel Sheets Or
Clunky Systems?

Stop wasting time. Use a digital incident
reporting process in the eCompliance app
or on the web software.

1. Front-line employees can report a hazard
or incident on the spot using their phones.

2. They can also take a photo and annotate
it to add more detail.

3. Leaders are instantly notified, which leads
to fast reaction times and less potential downtime.

4. Spot insights and trends on Safety Intelligence™.

Make Smarter, Faster, Safer
Decisions With Safety Intelligence™

Our Safety Intelligence™ solution gives management and
safety leaders a 360° view of your company’s incident data in a
few clicks. Real-time data empowers you to spot trends, potential
issues or opportunities to improve.


View leading indicators in 5 clicks or less. Spot trends and opportunities.


Ready-to-present reports with
detailed data on all front-line activities.


Understand potential risks before an
incident or near miss occurs.

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