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Safety Intelligence

Cut out the administrative work with automated reporting of both leading + lagging indicators to free up your time for higher value insights and recommendations.

EcoOnline Safety Intelligence is a robust reporting engine revolutionizing the way organizations leverage safety data in real-time. Unleash your full safety potential and make quick, data-driven decisions that protect your people.

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Solving Your Safety Challenges

Simplify Reporting and Dashboards

• Gain complete visibility into your safety program adoption and performance with quick and easy access to your safety KPIs and metrics

• Assess your company’s safety performance by quickly locating data with 20+ customized dashboards

• Make management reporting simple with executive ready dashboards sent at a cadence that suits your reporting schedule

Discover Trends and Risks

• Analyze information and gaps in your safety program to make quick, data-driven decisions

• Explore the relationship between various data sets to see if there is a correlation among different operations

• Close the feedback loop and keep your team informed on safety performance

Reduce Incidents and Ensure Compliance

• Enhance your safety program and take the necessary steps to reduce indents on the frontlines, by automating your dashboards to be sent by email to site-managers with actionable insights from your safety data.

• Obtain a quick overview of compliance adherence across various areas of your safety program

• Increase the rate of proactive vs. reactive safety initiatives, based on data insights to drive safer outcomes

We wanted to create a way to effectively communicate a high level of HSE compliance for different levels of management in our organization. Using EcoOnline Safety Intelligence, we created dashboards from the top level of our organization that can be filtered down to each shop level so that respective levels of management can easily observe the compliance rates to some of our key HSE management system requirements.Cheryl Feddema, Health, Safety & Environment Management, Craftsman Collision

Did you know that only 32% of data is leveraged by organizations? What are they missing?

Find out by downloading our whitepaper, How to Convert Safety Data to Actionable Insights

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