Better Safety
Better Projects

Will Your Strong Safety Record
Win You Your Next Bid?

We help infrastructure companies digitize and mobilize their job site safety programs. Improving their safety record ensures they can bid on (and win) coveted projects.

The safest infrastructure companies trust eCompliance

Who Uses eCompliance?

A Costly Problem

$1 Billion

Workplace injuries cost the
US over $1 billion per week


Infrastructure Industry Pain-Points:

  Safety Records and New Projects
Safety records are strongly connected to opportunities to bid on new work.

   Communicating With a Highly Dispersed Workforce
      Managing multiple teams of employees, working on multiple sites at any given

We Help Companies Like Pure Technologies:

   Reduce Injury Rates
      Our clients have injury rates 70% lower than their industry peers.

   Connect the Front-line to the Front Office
      The front-line can report hazards/incidents from their smartphones, even
+–when offline.


Zip Signs Builds
a High Participation
Safety Culture

7 Years

Without a lost-time
injury or incident


Hazard assessment completion rate


“I have it open all day, every
day – It’s a wonderful tool.”

The Safest Infrastructure Companies Have 5 Things
in Common

Read about the 5 intentional steps that the world’s safest companies take on the way to building a workplace where, “Everyone is doing safety, every day.”


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