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North America’s manufacturing base remains competitive globally by continuously innovating high quality products for consumer and industrial end markets.

Management systems were born out of manufacturing process innovations and maintaining exceptional safety and quality performance is critical to achieving business objectives. However, the status quo of manual, paper-based processes is still a barrier to future success.

Key Challenges Facing Manufacturing Leaders Include:

  • Tracking company-wide participation in the safety program when not all employees have email addresses or computer access
  • Collecting good quality data from front line workers across dispersed plants with unique operating conditions
  • Lack of management visibility into quality defects and safety hazard trends to continuously improve performance across the organization

Our Customers

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Western One
Calgary | Alberta | Canada
Our workers now feel more involved with our safety program and are doing a better and more thorough job of completing all of our routine safety inspections
Benson Steel
Bolton | Ontario | Canada


employees participating in the company’s Incident
and Injury Free (IIF) safety program

Edmonton | Alberta | Canada
Cooper Steel
Nashville | Tennessee | USA

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