Better Safety Inspection
Zero Paper or Excel Sheets

Get Inspections to Work For You, Not the Other Way Around.

Create inspection action items, as well as scheduled or ad hoc forms. Monitor everything from your mobile phone and trace completion statuses safety audits back to each employee to create accountability.

See How Many Injuries
We Can Help You Prevent

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Strengthen Your Safety Audits and Inspections

1. Advanced Inspection / Audit Scoring:

Build customized scoring to drive participation. Gain insight into possible levels of deficiency. Sort your data by supervisor, site, facility, etc.

2. Digital Signatures and Sign-off:

Give specific employees the ability to sign off on inspections or audits. Capture all digital signatures with the swipe of a finger.

3. Audit Trail:

Create an accountable trail for any inspection or audit. Trace that trail back to the user to ensure integrity and adherence to standards.

4. Quick & Easy Form/ PDF Generation:

Don’t wait for head office to create new forms for you. Instantly build, edit and publish your own inspection or audit form on a company-branded PDF.

Better Inspections & Better
Insights From Safety Intelligence™

Digitize your inspection process and create countless valuable
data points to generate insightful reports. Give your management team the tools
they need to make better decisions, based on your inspection data.


Instantly submit forms to OSHA in
pre-formatted PDFs at any site level.


Cut down on administrative work and
make meaningful decisions.


Trace all inspection actions and forms
back to the employee responsible.

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