A Safety Management System That
Reduces Injury Rates By 60%

Strengthen your safety culture with
a management system that boosts
front-line participation and provides leaders with a real-time view of safety performance across the organization.

Increase safety participation on the front-lines with our safety app and EHS software. Give your leaders a safety management system that gives them a real-time view of safety performance.

See How Many Injuries
We Can Help You Prevent

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Safety On The Front-lines
In 3 Clicks Or Less

A Digital Health and Safety Wallet,
Boosting Safety Participation at All Levels

1. Report Hazards & Incidents

Instantly identify, photograph and report hazards or opportunities. Complete accurate incident/near miss reports on our safety app, with annotated photos, even when you’re offline.

2. Easier Inspections or Audits

No more paper stacks or spreadsheets. Use our EHS software to build a high-velocity prevention process. Conduct recurring or ad hoc inspections with ease, add pictures and sign off with a digital signature.

3. Conduct Safety Meetings

Take meeting minutes and track attendees from your employee list. Sign off on your safety meetings, tailboards and toolbox talks at any time and drive a stronger Participation Score™.

4. Your Digital Safety Wallet on your Phone

Sync all of your training certificates / qualifications and access policies / procedures from your app so you can show them to foremen, clients, and inspectors.

5. Assign & Track Corrective Actions

Assign and prioritize corrective actions. Track changes and alert your colleagues instantly to ensure the right controls are in place.

6. Scan & Track Equipment

Use IDs, barcodes or RFID to ensure equipment is safe to use. Ensure PPE
is ready for use and extend your equipment’s life by linking your inspection and reporting process.


Real-Time Safety Performance
At Your Fingertips

A Better Safety Management System
Leads to Better Decision Making

1. Understand Leading Indicators

Prevent incidents and empower your management team to make faster + better decisions using front-line data from comprehensive real-time dashboards in our EHS software.

2. Less Administration, More Action

Has your job become Sr. Report Maker? Push the right information to the right people. Identify gaps, themes and trends and ensure action is being taken at all levels of the organization.

3. Play Well With Other Systems

Share data with internal systems and ERPs, while you eliminate redundant processes. We sync easily with your internal systems, SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and more.


98% of Workplace Health & Safety Professionals Say Participation Drives Safety

Improve Your Workforce Participation & Safety Culture

Introducing the Safety Participation Score™

Our methodology uses the top quartile of safety cultures we’ve studied to gauge participation by employee, site, division, and department. Identify high-risk employees for intervention.

2-Way Conversation Between The Front-Line & Management

Encourage participation by giving the front-line a safety app to instantly report hazards and recognize their peers while giving management easy systems to respond quickly.

Drive Accountability & Action

Get a bird’s-eye view of safety performance by division, site or department. Our custom dashboards get the right information to the right people.

See How We Can Transform
Your Safety Culture

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