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ICI construction is becoming an increasingly competitive industry. Building and maintaining a reputation for high quality work and exceptional safety performance is crucial for success, however, the status quo of paper processes is a barrier to success.

Some challenges facing ICI Construction Safety Management Include:

  • Communicating safety policies, procedures & field data amongst your employees, sub-trades, subcontractors, prime contractors, engineers & owners across dozens
    of sites
  • Encouraging high levels of company-wide participation
    in the safety program
  • Having the management visibility necessary to continuously improve safety performance across
    the organization

Our Customers

True business value starts with informed strategy.
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Mattamy Homes
Toronto | Ontario | Canada
With eCompliance, our supervisors are able
to login, fill out paperwork quickly within the system, and then receive it right away for review. So much of what was once done manually is now done automatically.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
Maren Gamble
Toronto | Ontario | Canada


Reduction in Richcraft’s previous two week
long hazard identification process.

Richcraft Homes
Ottawa | Ontario | Canada
Hopewell Group of Companies
Calgary | Alberta | Canada

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