Safety Performers Identify 5x The
Hazards Than Average Companies

It’s true. Our big data supports it. Engage your front-line and increase participation rates with the eC mobile app.

Encourage safer behaviours for pre-planning
of work and easy hazard identification and communication during the job. Give your managers and supervisors the tools to respond and react.

See How Many Injuries
We Can Help You Prevent

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Instant Hazard Assessment That Links The Head Office To
The Front-Line

1. Conduct a pre-job hazard assessment as necessary (FLRA, FLHA) based on your specific activities.

2. Communicate new hazards that may be present and document with a few clicks of the app.

3. During work, identify key hazards from the app in less than 3 clicks and notify colleagues instantly.

4. Take a photo and annotate it for even more detail.

Report On Incident Volume, Causes
& Classifications In Safety Intelligence™

Give management a full view of all reported incidents and hazards.
You can also create CEO-ready reports, complete with graphs and charts to
present meaningful data to the executive team.


Predict potential hazards before an
incident or near miss event occurs.


View leading indicators in 5 clicks or less.
Spot trends and opportunities.


Reduce administrative work and make meaningful decisions that reduce risk.

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