Toolbox Talks & Safety Meetings
That Lead To Fewer Injuries

Want to increase participation at your safety meetings and toolbox talks?

Empower your front-line workers to actively
share, discuss and document any hazards or opportunities.

See How Many Injuries
We Can Help You Prevent

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Turn Action Items
Into Real Action

Are you tracking your employees’ feedback in stacks of paper or messy spreadsheets? Or not tracking it at all?

Boost participation in your meetings by showing employees that their feedback can lead to real changes.

1. Schedule recurring or ad hoc meetings.

2. Track attendance & participation in each meeting.

3. Create corrective & preventative actions based on feedback. Put them into action right away and track their progress.

Are Your Employees Silent During
Toolbox Talks Or Safety meetings?

Engage your workforce by showing them that their feedback is truly
valuable. Our tools help you track everything that’s discussed and
link participation back to the employee profile.


Cut down on the administrative time spent tracking meeting notes and follow-ups.


See all of your company’s meeting
history and data in 5 clicks or less.


Track each employee’s training and certification to plan training meetings in advance.

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