Mining Has
The Highest Costs
Per Incident

Safety Leaders in Mining Have to Deliver Mine Safety Training, While Maintaining Strict Standards Across Remote Job Sites

The mining sector has had the same safety challenges for decades. But that doesn’t mean you should still be using an outdated paper-based system to run your safety program. Our mine health and safety EHS software helps your site supervisors focus on safety in the field.

The safest mining companies trust eCompliance

High-Risk Environments

21 Fatalities

Per 100,000 FTE employees among underground workers, per year.

Mining Industry Pain-Points:

  Spotty Communication
      Front-line workers are often in offline coverage areas.

   High-Value Assets
      Ensuring all vehicles, equipment, tools, and assets are inspected & accounted for.

We Help Companies Like Glencore & Rio Tinto By Providing:

   Front Line Partcipation even when you’re Offline
      The front-line can still report hazards, opportunities and or
complete inspections
in no-signal areas.

   Asset Tracking
      Track everything with a simple app via a barcode scan, RFID scan or unique ID.


Lisbon Valley Mining Modernizes and Digitizes Their Safety Culture


Training record accuracy


Reduction in safety administration time


“We were using technology from the 1980’s with 2016 manpower and the paperwork was far too much for one safety manager to handle.”

The Safest Mining Companies
Have 5 Things in Common

Read about the 5 intentional steps that the world’s safest companies take on the way to building a workplace where, “Everyone is doing safety, every day.”


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