eCompliance easily integrates with HR/Payroll systems to make
safety management seamless across your organization.
We do this with two magic acronyms, API and SSO.

API (Application Program Interface)

  • Application Programming Interface (API), allows you to access eCompliance data in another software program
  • Data captured with eCompliance can be made available in your version of Sharepoint, SAP, Oracle, ISNetworld, Ceridian, Dayforce, Netsuite, SAGE, and others!
  • Whether you’re interested in viewing employee incidents or training in your HR software or your inspection scores in Microsoft Sharepoint, eCompliance can do it.
  • Companies across North America choose to integrate with eCompliance to more effectively manage their occupational H&S
  • Visit api.ecompliance.com/help to learn more

SSO (Single Sign-On)

  • Our Single Sign On (SSO) service allows employees to have instant access to eCompliance after logging into their coporate intranet. You won’t need to force someone to memorize another password.
  • Instead of your employees having to create a separate account for each software application they use, you can create one account where they can access all software services
  • Employees will be more productive and more likely to use software applications you so desperately want them to use!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the daily API limits or “API Calls”?
The API is not currently rate limited; we allow an unlimited number of requests per minute. However, we reserve the right to limit requests for specific resources in order to maintain a high quality of service for all customers. If you have additional questions about rate limiting, please contact us.

What security measures are in place?
The API requires that all communication takes place over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. You must authenticate for all requests. We use tokens that expire to authenticate access to the API.

How will you call the API?
The eCompliance API is a RESTful, HATEOAS enabled interface for accessing your eCMS data in JSON or XML format over HTTP. The API is intended to provide secure, predictable resource-based URLs making it simple to rapidly develop web and desktop applications that integrate with eCompliance.

What will the API return?
JSON is the preferred data interchange format for the eCompliance API, and all requests will return JSON by default. XML is also supported, and the desired format can be specified by HTTP Header. The API makes use of the standard set of HTTP response codes to indicate success/failure of requests. Where possible, errors will return information in the response about why the request failed.

How does it work? What do I need on my end?
You will need a developer on your side to write a custom application (aka a client or API broker or middleware) that can speak with our API and the customer application/database (sometimes also an API) to get and update information from our system, and vice-versa.

How does it get turned on?
Companies wishing to use the API must contact us to have it turned on for their organization.

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