Weighed Down
By Paper?

Many Utilities Companies Have Underpowered Safety Programs

The utilities sector provides the power to lead our increasingly digital lives but the sector contines to
be plagued by outdated paper-based systems.

The safest utilities & service companies trust eCompliance

Who Uses eCompliance?

From Burns
to Falls

4 Injuries

The utilities sector averages
4 injuries per 100 full-time workers,
per year.

Utility Industry Pain-Points:

   Heavy Government Regulation
      The need to always stay compliant with things like OSHA electrical safety
standards, every single day.

   High % of both Very Experienced & a Young Workforce
      Transferring knowledge of key safety practices and “know how” to the next

We Help Companies Like Pure Technologies With:

   Compliance Tools & Tracking
      Ensure you’re automating collection of activities to prove compliance
+–without all the admin work

   Asset Tracking
      Track everything with a simple app via a barcode scan, RFID scan or unique ID.


Langley Utilities Digitizes
& Mobilizes Their Safety


Days without a lost-time injury


Active users on their network


“We’re now able to investigate on our near misses and incidents in a go-forward manner.”

The Safest Utilities Companies Have 5
Things in Common

Read about the 5 intentional steps that the world’s safest companies take on the way to building a workplace where, “Everyone is doing safety, every day.”


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