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In this month’s newsletter we’ll dive into the role senior leadership plays in safety and how our EcoOnline safety solutions can help improve your safety maturity. Let’s get started!


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Strengthen Safety with Invested Senior Leaders

Discover how senior leadership involvement can help strengthen your safety program with our new VP of Customer SuccessMichelle Carter

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Safety Leader Series

Check out our new Safety Leader Series where we’re amplifying the amazing stories and successes from leaders within our community. Get key tips and insight to help you boost safety performance at your organization.

Interested in sharing your story? Please reach out to our content writer, Dina Adlouni, for more information.

Thought Leadership


Check out our whitepaper: CEO’s Guide to Top Quartile Safety Performance

Success in engaging C-level executives is rooted in asking the right questions rather than trying to have all the answers. When it comes to
improving safety performance, the power of asking the right questions within your organization has never been so important.

Safety performance is controllable, just like production targets, sales quotas, and cost containment programs are controllable (and the list goes on).

Historically, it’s rarely been viewed this way. Words like “accident” represent vestiges of an era where we didn’t think we could take control. That era is thankfully over. If you believe safety performance is controllable, keep on reading. Whether you are the CEO, president or business owner (we’ll use these interchangeably) there is some good news:

1. We have some cold hard facts to help you ask the right questions, based on the big data observed across hundreds of companies

We’ve made it easier by providing you with some “big picture questions” to give you and your team the right starting point. Every organization has its unique history, context and vision for growth which you know best.

2. You likely already have two strengths necessary to turn these questions into actions and lead safety performance in your niche:

A. In building your business you’ve developed a strong ability to truly connect with people: with colleagues, suppliers, customers and even their families. This is a strength you’ll likely need to deliberately tap into once again.

B. You’ve also built up a trust in facts, data and trends over words, conjecture and acceptance of the status quo. This strength will again serve you well by helping your organization push safety performance past the status quo

Resolving These Core Challenges 

This whitepaper is meant to help you ask the right questions and tap into your core strengths as a leader, rather than simply delegating tasks. Read the full whitepaper here

Product Updates

3 Safety Intelligence Standard Dashboards You Should Have Top of Mind

Safety Intelligence is our new and enhanced business intelligence tool that provides reports and key metrics relied on by safety managers for visibility into their daily operations and to assess their health and safety policy. 

With Safety Intelligence you can utilize the right data to save time, prevent workplace incidents, and proactively manage your team to elevate your safety program. 

Safety Intelligence comes with 20 standard dashboards that provides access to safety information through real-time 360-degree visibility into your safety programs. Close the feedback loop with these dashboards and keep your organization informed on performance.  

Here are 3 Safety Intelligence standard dashboards that should be in your Favorites library: 

Action Items Overview 

The Action Items Overview Dashboard provides an overview of all Action Items at your organization. Use this dashboard to assess the status and state of action items in a given time period.  

This dashboard can be filtered by Site(s), Completion Status, State, Priority, Origin, Form, Creator, and more for additional information. 

All Questions and Answers 

This dashboard provides useful insights on the answers given in various form types at your organization; Incident, Inspection, and Meetings. Use this dashboard to drill down on the answers provided by employees on specific questions in a specific Form. 

To run this dashboard choose at least one form from the ‘Form Title’ filter, but we recommend selecting a few other filters as well to narrow down the number of questions and answers. 

You can filter this dashboard by Site(s), Form Status, Form Type, Form Title, Section Title, Question Type, Question Name, Answers, and more for additional information. 

Standard Incident Classification Dashboard 

The Standard Incident Classification dashboard provides a quick view of the incidents and injuries reported at your organization. Know the incidents in detail, the dates they occurred, injury classifications and more with a dashboard that gives you an indication of the maturity of your safety program.  

This dashboard can be filtered by Site(s) and Date. 

Find out more about Safety Intelligence by watching this webinar, when logged into the support hub. For more information on how you can upgrade to the new and enhanced version of Safety Intelligence, please reach out to your Customer Success Coach. 


3 Questions a Senior Leader Should Ask Their Team – and How Field iD Can Help

As a senior leader, it’s important to be on top of all key safety metrics and information to drive safety performance. Here are three questions a senior leader should ask their team and Field iD users:

1. When was the equipment last inspected?

  • With Field iD, you no longer have to worry about initialing an inspection card or having your inspection history somewhere inside a giant binder. Look up an asset’s inspection history from your desk or use your phone to scan any asset in the field to see its most recent inspection.

2. Did we miss any scheduled inspections?

  • What’s due next? Field iD allows you to schedule recurring inspections for your assets. Reports can be automatically delivered to your inbox informing you of any upcoming inspections or letting you know if any inspections were missed by yesterday’s crew.

3. Our inspectors found some issues, but have they been dealt with? 

  • Every criteria tracked in a Field iD inspection can have an associated corrective action. Track the actions by assignee, due date, severity level, and completeness using Field iD’s reporting system. 

How to Help Ensure the Successful Implementation of EcoOnline ContractorCheck

Managing contractor compliance and mitigating risk is no easy task. And while contractor compliance management solutions provide support with the heavy lifting, senior leaders play a critical role in ensuring success.

A key step during the configuration of your solution should be to organize your contractors – many of our clients organize their contractors by the properties they work on. It then becomes easy for contractor facing teams to manage their relevant list of contractors, and for senior leaders to monitor compliance by property. As senior leaders work towards developing their safety culture, they need to think about a few questions:

  1. What policies are put in place to manage contractor compliance? (i.e., At what point in the contractor sourcing process are contractors expected to obtain a Health & Safety accreditation and client specific verification? What do hiring managers do if a contractor shows up to site and they have not been accredited? Or verified?)
  2. How are those policies implemented and maintained?

Ensuring policies are in place and are consistently enforced company-wide, is often the single most important factor to help ensure the successful implementation of your contractor compliance management solution.

Customer Showcase

Roseburg Forest Products has been able to leverage up to 75% of safety data, cut time needed to fill out forms by 80%, and increased participation rates by 300-400% using EcoOnline North America .

Learn how Cassandra Crosier, Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, as well as John Myers, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, along with the enthusiastic support from the executive team at Roseburg Forest Products, were able to accomplish all this and more. 

Read the full case study here.

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The eCompliance scheduler makes it easy for managers to assign inspection forms on a recurring schedule

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