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Safety Leader Series: Dave Kearley, Health & Safety Manager at Neptune Technology Group Canada

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March 31, 2021

3 Minutes


 Dave Kearley

Dave Kearley is the Health & Safety Manager at Neptune Technology Group Canada

It’s time to start amplifying the amazing stories from our safety community! It begins with this new series geared towards exactly that. We find it is essential for safety leaders to share their stories and safety successes to inspire others. We want to provide you with key tips and insight from fellow safety leaders to help you take the steps needed to drive safety performance at your organization.  

Without further ado, meet Neptune Technology Group Canada and their Health and Safety Manager, Dave Kearley, where he details what led to their successes: 

Neptune Technology Group provides measurement tools, software, and services to water utilities across Canada. Safety is an important part of our organization, as one of our foundational principles is Safety and Wellness, which applies across all of Neptune. Though reporting risks, hazards, incidents, and maintaining safety documentation has always been important, it has also been labour-intensive.  

Following a time-consuming audit process, our company successfully obtained our Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (ISHA). However, after reviewing the process, we determined there had to be a better way of tracking, reviewing, and analyzing our data. 

We decided to implement the use of a digital solution. We made the decision to use EcoOnline eCompliance for two reasons:  

1. The first was the connection that the software had to the audit process

2. The second was the ability to collect data electronically to reduce the use of paper and duplicate work. Having electronic data allows us to react quickly to the information that front-line workers submit, as well as reduces the time required to collect and review information.  

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Neptune began using EcoOnline eCompliance by creating forms in the system for risk identification, incident reporting, and tracking of safety/toolbox talks. Workers can sign off on documents, assuring individuals have reported information and have actively participated in safety information sessions. 

Once we became more familiar with the software, there were other forms we determined could be loaded into the system to further eliminate paper formats. We incorporated forms that included inspections for facilities, equipment, personal protective equipment, sub-contractors, and workplace. We also added forms for employee and sub-contractor orientations.  

Neptune has also been able to utilize the EcoOnline North America solution for tracking certificates and training for each employee and sub-contractor. Not only did this remove the need for paper copies, but managers and supervisors can easily review their workers’ profiles and ensure each individual has the required training and refresher courses to complete their jobs. 

We also uploaded our Health and Safety Manual to EcoOnline North America primarily to help with the COR audit process. However, we recognized the additional benefit of the document acknowledgement process. As documents are revised or added to the software, individuals are required to acknowledge receipt of the information. This has been a valuable tool for COR as well as making sure the most recent version is always available for workers. 

We have continued to upload additional documentation for easier access, including all of our Safety Data Sheets. We recently uploaded our monthly Health and Safety Communication and are tracking the receipt acknowledgement.  

After utilizing EcoOnline eCompliance, other employees began to inquire as to how their non-safety-related forms could be incorporated into the software. We were able to accommodate these requests, which has helped with reducing time to create reports and provide important information to our customers.  

As the pandemic altered our approach to work and the workplace, we were able to create the necessary tools through EcoOnline North America to track daily check-ins for the employees and sub-contractors who complete our service work.  inspection forms were created in addition too new process documents for employees and workers to follow. This step instilled confidence in our water utility customers that Neptune was taking all of the necessary precautions to continue our work safely. 

Our experience with the EcoOnline eCompliance solution has helped improve our Health and Safety Program as well as maintain our Certificate of Recognition. Neptune’s safety slogan this year is “Win Your Day the Safe Way”. We see safety as everyone’s responsibility at Neptune, and we are confident we are taking the necessary steps to ensure our employees and workers go home safe each and every day.   

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