Roseburg Forest Products:
Leveraging Robust Safety Data to Reduce Risks


A pioneer in the forest products industry, Roseburg Forest Products, exemplifies what it means to effectively convert data to actionable insights. Spanning 14 manufacturing locations in the United States and Canada, with headquarters in Springfield, Oregon, EHS professionals at this dynamic organization take safety to the highest level to protect people on-site.

We spoke with Cassandra Crosier, Roseburg’s Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, to learn more about how the EHS team at Roseburg stays proactive using safety data. A proud EcoOnline North America customer since 2016, Roseburg has accelerated a shift in safety culture and the implementation of a digital EHS solution with enthusiastic support from its executive team.

Forest Products

Up to 75%

of safety data is leveraged to create a proactive safety approach


reduction in time needed to fill out forms with EcoOnline North America


In high-risk industries like forestry and manufacturing, safety is a challenge.

Before EcoOnline North America , Roseburg’s safety professionals were unable to effectively capture or track information, relying on a paper-based system and antiquated software.

The EHS team didn’t have great visibility into injuries that occurred, unless it resulted in a workers’ compensation claim. Pinpointing gaps in their safety program was difficult, and achieving safety excellence was nearly impossible. 


EcoOnline North America delivered on both ease of use and the ability to create and build forms. 

With this solution by their side, Cassandra and John began implementing internal compliance audits, developing S.A.F.E.R. work permits, standardized monthly training to team members, updating hot work permits, creating contractor incident and property damage forms – and that’s just the beginning. 

Soon participation and engagement rates rose, and this increased engagement accelerated the culture shift needed to create a safer work environment. 

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