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As one of the largest union electrical contractors in the United States, and the largest electrical contractor in Wisconsin, Pieper Electric offers a variety of services from electrical equipment testing and arc flash analysis, to building services and maintenance. Serving several industries in multiple locations across America since 1947, Pieper’s people are the heart and soul of their business.

Eric Janes, CSP, CHST, and Safety Manager at Pieper Electric explained how they are able to stay proactive and keep their people safe. An EcoOnline customer since 2017, Eric explained how our EHS management solution is able to help his team mitigate risks quickly and create a safer work environment for all.



completion rate for toolbox talks, showing greater employee participation

25 > 1

reduced unsafe equipment usage from 25 instances bi-monthly, to just once bi-monthly


Keeping all team members safe by gaining full visibility into activities and driving accountability was a challenge Eric and his team faced.

Employee safety is the number one priority at Pieper Electric and it is up to them to ensure all workers go home safely at the end of the day.

Without being able to drive accountability and follow-up on those who may not have completed the necessary training, it was more challenging to ensure risks were mitigated on-site.


Eric and his team realized the way they operated had to change to help properly protect their people.

They looked at several different safety solutions to help solve these problems, but unfortunately none were able to deliver quite like EcoOnline.

It was the most customizable digital solution on the market and a great fit for Pieper Electric.

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