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Toolbox Talks

Every morning you wake up, get dressed, make a fresh cup of coffee (or pick one up) and get yourself to work. You arrive and realize the first thing in your calendar is the recurring toolbox/tailgate meeting.

You are supposed to address a topic of awareness or education in the ongoing process of continuous improvement for your organization’s safety program. Frantically, you Google ‘toolbox talk ideas’ or ‘ideas for a safety meeting’ and end up spending the majority of your morning searching for a unique piece of material to share with your team. However, it’s important to know exactly what you want before you start looking for it. Do you want to share general safety tips or something that’s specific to your industry or job site?

To help simplify your process, we’ve compiled our resources and categorized them by toolbox talk topics:

General Safety Tips

Safety Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Training Employees

Having a quick informal “toolbox talk” with your team is an effective way to refresh their knowledge of safety matters. Discussing areas that will help your organization create a continuous improvement system will allow you to enhance your organization’s safety culture and ultimately, lead to better decision making in the long-run.

Improve Your Training

Reduce the administrative burden
by automating your process.


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