Training Management


Reduce the administrative burden of training management by automating the process. Increase engagement levels by ensuring that workers, supervisors and / or managers stay up-to-date on their safety training.

Empower Your Employees
& Protect Your Business

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Employee Profiles

Each worker gets a consolidated employee view of their safety training and activities. Training courses can be easily assigned
to an individual or a group of employees. Employees are notified about the training update and can upload their certificates directly into the system from any device.

Subscription eLearning Coming Early 2018

Our new eLearning program will expand our library to over 400 courses and let your workforce take an unlimited number of courses for one flat rate. Stay tuned for details!

Automated Training Management

eCompliance tracks expiration and retraining dates once certificates are uploaded. Automated reminders are sent to employees and / or managers up to 3 months before training expires. Retraining reports
can also be pulled to see who requires retraining
up to 6 months in advance.

Improve Training Management

Simplify Processes Through Automation


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