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Woman Behind the Title: Cassandra Crosier

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September 12, 2019

Raphaela Mandel

For our last story in our Woman Behind the Title series, our fourth safety champion is a woman who continues to inspire those inside her workplace and out.

Cassandra Crosier, Corporate Safety & Workers Compensation Professional at Roseburg Forest Products, has a demonstrated history in the forest products industry with almost 10 years of experience at Roseburg. Based out of Roseburg, Oregon, Cassandra has a sheer passion for the world of safety and is constantly striving to inspire her team to be safer.

Sparked by working with injured employees in a worker’s compensation department, she knew her energy was drawn to injury prevention. When the right opportunity came along, Cassandra jumped at the chance to join the safety team, she never looked back.

Being the self-driven, safety advocate that she is, Cassandra is exactly the type of behind the scenes leader that every safety program needs – and this is why we’re highlighting her.

We encourage you to nominate women like Cassandra for our Women in EHS award and our other awards presented at NXT 2019. For more information on the award nominations, visit: NXT 2019 Awards.

Nominations are due September 25th.

Raphaela: How did you get started in the safety world?

Cassandra: The passion for me started when I was working with injured employees in a worker’s compensation department. After only a short period of time, I knew I wanted to focus my energy on preventing the injuries from happening in the first place.

Once they had a claim there wasn’t much I could do to fix the injury. I could only facilitate the process to be as seamless as possible. When the opportunity presented to be part of the safety team, I jumped on it and advanced from being an assistant to a partner through my passion to prevent incidents.

Raphaela: What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

Cassandra: For me, the obstacle was personal rather than professional. I have been given all the opportunities to master and extend my professional experience. The knowledge I gained has helped influence the chance I needed to get to where I am today. I was able to gain awareness and expertise to grow from an assistant to a contributing partner.

Thus, granting myself the voice to empower and influence my team. I continue to remind myself that my ideas are important, to speak up, and trust my intuitions.



Raphaela: How can team members help empower women in the workplace?

Cassandra: Empowering women to do what comes naturally to them; building a relationship and tuning into people’s needs. Be aware that women naturally balance many responsibilities. Use these benefits to collaborate and build strong teams. Ensure you continue to provide them with the opportunities to develop and provide any education to them.

Raphaela: What are some pieces of advice you’d offer to women and men in the safety world?

Cassandra: Two simple approaches I live by:

The most important thing is to always approach every situation by caring first. Caring should be present in everything you do both in actions and words. Think and treat every person as family, because they are to someone – a husband, wife, son or daughter.

By simply speaking up about it today you may save that life tomorrow. It is better to not know how many lives you saved, then that you could have saved that one.

Cassandra found the spark igniting her passion for keeping workers safe. She understood that the position she was in couldn’t do much to help prevent injuries – so she took a chance and succeeded. She continues to put her best effort forward to keep the lives of her employees safe.

As quoted by Cassandra, “We want everyone to know that we care. It’s not just a number. We want to make sure that you’re safe. We want you to go home. We care about the numbers, but we really don’t.”

We see many individuals in the safety industry claim this yet are afraid or unsure to state it. Cassandra isn’t afraid and stands by this statement, and her team, every single day.

We’re excited to be honoring women in EHS at our annual conference, NXT 2019: The Future of EHS. Aside from the award nominees and winners, we now turn the tables to you. Applaud the women you see in your workplace who set a high standard and don’t settle. Encourage women to pull up a chair at the executive table and welcome them with open arms.

If we all continue to support one another, we will make the safety industry an inclusive one.

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