Inspections That
Engage Your Workforce


Put safety in the palm of your
workers’ hands. Empower them
to take ownership of their safety
by allowing them to participate
anywhere and at any time using
their mobile device.

Empower Your Employees
& Protect Your Business

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Identify Hazards & Assign Corrective Actions

Enable workers to identify & capture hazards, assign corrective actions and share the data in real-time in 3 simple steps in the eCompliance app:

  • Identify a workplace hazard
  • Capture an image of the hazard
  • Immediately assign a corrective action

Advanced Audit / Inspection Scoring

Your team can go beyond the basic pass/fail options for each question in your inspection checklist and instead, enable inspection scoring to ensure you’re constantly working on improving your safety performance with viable metrics.

Quick & Easy Form Generator

If your team is familiar with using a specific type of custom inspection form or wants one created from scratch, you’ll be able to add and delete fields with a simple easy-to-use mobile interface. There’s no need to be in the head office to build a custom form.

Put Safety In The Palm
Of Your Workers' Hands

Start Creating And Tracking
Inspections In Minutes


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