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July 11, 2022

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     Dina Adlouni

Dina is the resident Content Writer at EcoOnline North America . When she’s not writing about health and safety, you’ll find her enjoying a cup of tea while watching her favorite sitcom.

Manufacturing Industry Trends

The manufacturing industry is seeing incredible growth post-pandemic, with several new trends emerging in 2022. Projected gross domestic product (GDP) growth is 4.1% according to Deloitte’s 2022 Manufacturing Industry Outlook. This report also found that 86% of those surveyed in the United States are “positive on business”, compared to 63% surveyed in 2020.  

There are various new trends emerging in this industry, from a focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance metrics to digital adoption. Here are some tips to help you keep up with the latest trends in manufacturing in 2022: 

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3 Manufacturing Trends for 2022 and How You Can Keep Up

1. Labor shortage

An ongoing trend and challenge faced in the manufacturing industry is labor shortage. Several organizations have had to adapt to meeting demand with a leaner team and look for new ways to optimize efficiency at the workplace.  

Implementing a digital safety solution can help organizations attract and retain more employees as well as boost efficiency by streamlining processes and communication. Modernizing workflows and procedures with a mobile, cloud-based solution can help you attract more employees and third-party contractors.  

This modern approach will help challenge current perceptions people may have of outdated methods, as processes can be automated, and certain tasks can be simplified by going digital. Say goodbye to time-consuming paper or Excel-based systems in the 21st century, and empower your employees by putting a mobile solution at their fingertips.  

2. A focus on ESG performance

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is on the rise with more organizations focusing on ESG performance and metrics in 2022 and beyond. Organizations have had to find ways to report on all three areas of environmental, social, and governance performance, from carbon emissions and forced labor to social value and diversity.  

If you want to keep up with this manufacturing trend, it’s important to have a strong reporting system in place that can track all three ESG pillars simultaneously. A digital ESG solution can help you understand your organization’s ESG metrics to make more sustainable decisions. Manage compliance with industry regulations and identify trends and patterns to make more data-driven decisions for a more sustainable workplace.  

3. Health and safety

COVID-19 placed employee health and safety front and center, forever shifting how organizations approach the wellbeing of their staff. Though COVID-19 cases have been decreasing, organizations are still wary of various health and safety concerns which continue to arise.  

Stay ahead of safety risks and protect your employees with a digital safety solution. This tool can give you greater transparency into your current safety program, allowing you to easily uncover any gaps or deficiencies. Prioritize the risks or hazards identified, and quickly implement corrective actions to foster a safer work environment. With an advanced analytics platform, you can track safety trends and patterns, leading and lagging indicators, and more, to drive a more proactive approach to safety.  

How EcoOnline Can Help

The EcoOnline suite of safety and sustainability solutions can help you with all the above trends and more! Make actionable, data-driven decisions with powerful reporting and quickly mitigate risks and hazards with our EHS management solution. Make sure all assets and equipment are thoroughly inspected across multiple worksites to protect against equipment failure with our asset inspection solution.

Do you need a tool to  ensure the training of your third-party contractors is up to industry standards? Implement our contractor management solution and keep your team protected by only allowing those who meet your organization’s health and safety standards on-site.  

Curious to learn more about how our safety solutions can help you create a safer workplace? Speak to one of our EcoOnline representatives today or fill out the form below. 

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