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3 Ways Inspections Using A Mobile Device Can Generate A Positive ROI

Paper is out, paperless is in. In this growing digital age, we can send messages in a matter of seconds, share files easily with drop boxes and instantly research any topic on the World Wide Web.

With the advances in smartphones, we can access almost everything we need for our day-to-day business activities on our mobile devices. Electronics are dominating the workplace. So when it comes to inspection forms, why do we feel the need to stick to paper?

Although mobile devices and software have higher initial costs than paper forms, the return on investment (ROI) of using mobile devices to complete inspections highly outweighs the initial costs and this is how:

1. Increased Inspection Efficiency

Time is money. Inspections done the old fashion way require the employee to go prepare the forms, organize them and make sure they have everything in order before heading to the job site. Plus, there is always the chance that an important form gets forgotten at the office or lost on the way to the site.

Using a mobile device to complete inspections allows all of the forms to be in one convenient location, easily accessible and saved for quick reference at any time. The inspection can be done quicker, giving your employees more time to do more jobs. Additionally, it reduces the risk of inspection forms getting lost and damaged. Digital files can also be shared with people who are offsite and easily backed up on a server. Once the inspection is done the results are recorded, saved and made available for sharing.

2. Superior Inspection Accuracy

Writing can be illegible and difficult to read. Plenty of time can be wasted trying to interpret poor writing. Things can be misread and can create a great deal of confusion. Typing and filling out forms electronically eliminates the problem of illegible handwriting. By using a mobile device, inspections can be done quicker and more accurately. Inspections can be done right the first time and the margin of error is significantly reduced.

3. Reduced Office Supplies Cost

While paper and ink cost less than electronic devices initially, these things have to be continuously purchased over time. Using a mobile device to complete inspections means that paper and ink will no longer be required for inspections. Overtime the cost of office supplies will be reduced. Despite the higher initial cost, the money saved on paper and ink will outweigh the initial cost of the mobile device. In the long term, you will actually save money by completing the forms electronically. As a bonus, reducing paper usage is also good for the environment so you get to save money and the earth at the same time!


In short, the main return of investment of using mobile devices to complete inspections is that your employees will be able to do jobs faster and more accurately. Mobile devices also allow all of the forms to be in one convenient location, limiting the chance of losing any vital information. This allows your employees to allocate their time more effectively, resulting in more revenue for your company. Having inspection forms filled out more accurately also helps save time but it also ensures that the jobs are done right the first time around.

The final return on investment you will get from using a mobile device to complete inspections is the money saved on paper and ink. Inspections can be done faster, better and at a lower cost if you use a mobile device. Paper is out, paperless is in.

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