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With numerous projects spanning across Western Canada, Synergy Projects is dedicated to delivering the very best in construction.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Synergy Projects is made up of a close-knit team with diverse experience. Not only are they masters of building various projects, but they are masters of building strong relationships with clients and team members, lasting a lifetime. With everyone treated like family, it comes as no surprise safety is a top priority and a core value.



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The journey to achieve and maintain COR involves having at least a year’s worth of data and multiple records to prove compliance.

With an extensive safety program of around 12,000 documents, Synergy Projects was having an extremely difficult time organizing and managing all this paperwork. It was so difficult that team members started to get pulled away from their responsibilities, as they were drowning in administrative tasks.

When it came time for an audit, it’s no surprise it was also extremely challenging for Ian and his team to pull all the documents needed for the auditor. Ian knew there had to be a better way.


With EcoOnline North America ’s built-in COR Program, Ian and his team are able to stay on top of all required fields and documents.

The software provides you with detailed information about every standard and substandard, pulled from a governing body, to offer more clarity. These sections are constantly updated in the system, whenever there are any changes announced by the IHSA.

Instructions on how to create the necessary documents along with examples, in addition to the ability to upload the necessary links to documents directly into the system, make achieving and maintaining COR a breeze.

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