Nearly 30% Of All Workplace
Injuries Are Equipment-related

Track both assets & people with the same platform!

Our Asset Management tool gives both
frontline workers and safety managers
an added layer of risk transparency.

Asset Management Made
Simple With One Tool

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Asset Management Gives Your Company:

— Inspection & Audit Scheduling
— Photo Capturing
— Safety Reporting & Scoring
— Checklist Creation
— Task Creation (Recurring/Ad Hoc)
— Email Notification

1. Ensure equipment is safe to use and lasts longer by automating your inspection and reporting process.

2. Link asset data to hazard/injury data for a better understanding of risk.

3. Schedule and track regular inspections to
stay safe and compliant.

Stop Tracking Assets With
Spreadsheets Or Paper

Digitize your asset management system. Get rid of the messy papers or clunky spreadsheets
you’ve been using to track your company’s tools, equipment, vehicles, and other assets.

Track your assets by site, location, facility or division.


Carry out inspections even when offline
or in low-coverage areas.


Get notified when scheduled
inspections are completed or missed.


Make informed safety decisions with
detailed asset reporting & insights.

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