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Take your EHS data to the next level with the industry’s first cloud-based analytics and reporting platform designed to expose workplace risk.

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Safety Intelligence at
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> Interactive Dashboards


> Customized Charts


> Client & Stakeholder Insights


> Automated Reports


> Filter & Drill Down Capabilities


> Formatting Wizard



Management Visibility into Safety

  • Dynamic data visualizations of all your KPIs for a
    real-time view of safety across the company
  • Easily build charts, graphs and dashboards for every site, department and level of your organization
  • Share valuable insights with the right people at
    the right time

Detailed Trend Analysis & Forecasting

  • An advanced analytics engine that helps EHS
    teams predict and prevent risk
  • Raw data gets uploaded and transformed into actionable insights – instantly
  • Identify performance gaps, expose new risks and discover relationships you didn’t know existed

Drive Safer Outcomes

  • Provide executives with a transparent view into EHS performance and help drive better decision making
  • Draw conclusions and implement change by identifying performance gaps you couldn’t see before
  • Proactively put controls in place, prevent incidents and create a continuously improving safety system

Discover Trends.
Reduce Risk.
Prevent Incidents.


Turn Your EHS Data Into Actionable Insights


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