Reach Wireline’s

Journey to Zero

Oil & Gas


Increase in Internal Safety Audits Completed

20 Days

Time to Value


As a rapidly growing company, Reach Wireline was looking for a safety software to digitize their paper-based safety program. Their current safety process was time consuming, unorganized and difficult to accurately track safety performance across their multiple sites.

Three key challenges they faced included:

  1. 1. The inability to efficiently collect and trend safety data
  2. 2. Lack of employee accountability for safety activities
  3. 3. A poor safety culture within the company


Over the last year, Executive Director of HSE, Zach Vann, successfully implemented eCompliance at Reach Wireline.

He is now able to identify key trends using safety data collected from the front line to implement a health & safety program that reinforces behaviour-based safety, positive observations and employee recognition.

In addition to Zach’s data-driven decision making, he also obtained buy-in from his executive team. This has resulted in the successful transformation of Reach Wireline’s safety culture and elevated staff morale.

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