Transform Your
Safety Management


eCompliance gives management
a 360º real-time view into safety performance and helps facilitate
two-way communication between onsite employees and in-office management.

We don’t just want to increase worker participation; we want to engage all levels of your organization. Our average customer increases participation 99% year over year and has 72% less injuries than their peers.

Drive Employee Engagement
& Improve Safety Operations

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Anywhere, Anytime Safety
In 5 Clicks Or Less

A Mobile App That Lets You Go Beyond Paperless Forms

1. Identify Hazards

Using the eCompliance mobile app, you’ll be able to quickly identify hazards by taking a picture and annotating it in real-time.

2. Assign Corrective Actions

You’ll be able to immediately assign a corrective action to any member of your staff. This will alert your colleague immediately and ensure the right controls are in place.

3. Check the Status Of Action Items

Take a look at a detailed view of any or all of the action items assigned to you or others at any level of the organization. You can check their status and accept or reject them as soon as they’re assigned.

4. Complete Incident Reports

Quickly and easily complete incident reports directly from your device and submit them for sign off.

5. Document Your JHS Meetings

Using the meeting form, you’ll be
able to take meeting minutes, assign appropriate corrective actions and sign off on your Joint Health and Safety Meetings at any time.

6. Continue To Work Offline

If you don’t have internet access at a specific site, the eCompliance app will still allow you to complete your safety activities and automatically sync once you do.


Accurate Real-Time Data
At Your Fingertips

CEO Ready Reports Mandate Accurate
Data For Better Decision Making

1. Leading Indicators To Help Reduce The Risk

If you’re looking for a better understanding of how you could prevent incidents and injuries from occurring in the first place, eCompliance enables your management team to download automated KPI metrics and view comprehensive dashboards.

2. Training Reports That Aren’t In Excel

Rather than managing employee training and re-training dates in Excel, eCompliance will automatically send reminders to your workers when their training is about to expire.

3. PDF & Excel Ready Reports At Anytime

Whether you’re looking for a near miss or detailed incident report, you’ll be able to instantly create and send tabular or graphed reports to your executive team at anytime.


Workforce Participation

Engagement At Every Level Of The Organization

1. Introducing KPIs For Worker Participation & Engagement

Worker engagement in safety is critical but rarely measured
in most organizations. Now, you can measure your workforce
on a multitude of safety activities including action items, attendance in meetings, behaviour based forms, and more.

2. Enabling A 2-Way Conversation For Workers & Management

Through a real-time sync with the eCompliance mobile app, employees will be able to link back to head office from any site at anytime. With instant hazard identification, and action item assignment, workers become more involved in the safety process.

3. Making Safety Company-Wide

Rather than just engaging your safety team, you’re able
to provide key people in the organization with a bird’s-eye
view of safety performance at anytime with comprehensive dashboards. View performance by level in your organization (division, region, site, department) to drive safety accountability and action.

Drive Employee Engagement
& Improve Safety Operations

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