Empower Your Workers
& Eliminate Hazards


Empowering your workers to take ownership of safety creates transparency and accountability around corrective actions. This not only help you identify more hazards but also eliminate them faster.

Empower Your Employees
& Protect Your Business

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Hazard Assessment Module

Abandon excel spreadsheets and complete hazard assessments using eCompliance. The system uses a scoring mechanism to calculate the frequency, likelihood and consequences of any hazard. Completed assessments can be saved as PDFs and directly emailed to all necessary personnel.

Track, Respond & Prioritize Corrective Actions

Corrective actions can be assigned as workers’ complete audits/inspections and management
can instantly accept, respond and prioritize them. Corrective actions’ statuses are tracked
in the system. All outstanding corrective
actions can be viewed in a dashboard.

Document Sharing &
Read Confirmations

Assign documents and request employees to accept and confirm they have read it through eCompliance. Automated acknowledgement reports are available enabling management to see who has/hasn’t read their assigned documents to increase accountability and management visibility.

Control Risk In Your Organization

Ensure Your Workforce Is Protected


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