Speakers at NXT 2018

Keynote Speaker

Safety From the Backfield to the Frontline

Lance Briggs

— Sports Analyst at NBC Sports Chicago &
Retired NFL Linebacker, Chicago Bears

Lance Briggs is a retired 12-year NFL veteran All-Pro linebacker from the Chicago Bears, and currently a studio analyst for NBC Sports Chicago. During his football career, he saw first-hand that injuries from an “acceptable risk” can potentially ravage someone’s life forever. He’s spoken very candidly about some of his own struggles from living with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) symptoms, and how he’s seen the varied warning signs of CTE.

He will share his unique story and insights at NXT, and will speak about why open communication about risk is a must in any workplace.

Featured Speakers

Believe in Safety 

Brandon Schroeder
Safety Advocate, Owner
Believe in Safety

Brandon considers himself luckier than a lottery winner after surviving an arc flash accident that nearly took his life and required an extensive recovery process.

After 15+ years as an electrician, he’s now a safety advocate and discusses the important role of safety by sharing his own experiences with electricians, safety managers, and engineers to help shape the industry’s approach to electrical safety.

Tweak Your Safety Paradigm: Manage Risk 

Ward Metzler
DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Ward Metzler, Principal, DuPont Ward Metzler brings a wealth of experience and expertise in production, operations, research, and marketing. He has 30 years of safety, operations and environmental experience with DuPont.

His present role involves strategic account management as well as leading business development. He has led major engagements with large oil and gas companies to strengthen their risk management processes. Ward has been able to work with clients to provide them with solutions that integrate with their strategic direction.

The Future of EHS: Panelist

Matt James
Director of Health, Safety, and Environment,
Spark Power

Matthew brings 24 years of Health and Safety experience to Spark Power Corp.

He leads their health, safety, and environment activities, developing strategies and enhancing the delivery of safe work programs and practices across the group of companies. Matthew has been in the health and safety industry since 1994. He has worked with the Department of National Defence, Municipal Fire Departments and other government agencies across North America, including entertainment, construction, ICI, and utility organizations.

The Future of EHS: Panelist

Steve Chaplin
Vice President of Health, Safety, and Environment,

Throughout his career, Steve has provided strategic leadership and direction for all health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) management systems while specializing in numerous areas; HSEQ Culture Development & Evolution, Systems & Processes Implementation, Acquisitions & Divestitures, and Process Improvement & Quality Compliance. As a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), Steve has established a track record of excellence in transforming HSEQ performance and cultivating relationships.

In his current role, Steve provides leadership, mentorship and guidance with the organization’s leaders regarding HSE. Under his direction, EllisDon continues to maintain industry-wide leadership.

Faster, Smarter, Safer: The Future of EHS

Adrian Bartha
CEO, eCompliance

Adrian formed eCompliance with his business partner in 2012 after experiencing firsthand how a workplace incident affected a power company that he helped lead.

Combining his background in finance with his knowledge of health and safety, Adrian now educates safety professionals on how to demonstrate a return on safety. He shows them how continuous improvement can be leveraged as a competitive advantage, using language that resonates with high-level executives.

The Impact of a High
Participation Safety Culture

Calvin Benchimol
Director of Corporate Development, eCompliance

During his time with eCompliance, Calvin has been instrumental in defining our customers’ journey to a High Participation Safety Culture. Using big data and deep empirical research, he’s helped us look beyond the numbers to understand the human side of safety.

Prior to working with us, Calvin received his MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and helped transform the safety culture of a mining and manufacturing environment, as a front-line operations manager.

Are You an Accidental Change Agent?

Star Hofer
Director of Customer Success, eCompliance

Star leads the Success Team at eCompliance, which includes onboarding, training, professional services, retention, and support.

She has built a reputation for growing high-impact teams focused on customer value and quality relationships over her 12-year career. As a process-driven leader and certified Project Management Professional (PMP), her mission is to help all customers unleash the power of advocacy through safety.

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