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Blazing a trail for others in the construction industry, Mobilinx is transforming the way people travel. As a joint venture consortium, leaders at Mobilinx work together to create a positive impact on the communities around them through the structures they build.

An EcoOnline North America customer since March of 2020, safety professionals at Mobilinx are passionate about keeping all team members safe. We had a chance to speak with Health and Safety Director, Stewart Day, who shared how he has been able to create a proactive safety approach, leverage real-time reporting, and boost front-line participation rates in the field across a team of hundreds on multiple sites.



close out rate on nearly 700 action items

Over 1800

Workplace inspections, 2000 hazard assessments, and 250 safety talks companywide


As a large joint venture consortium, Mobilinx works with several safety conscious clients who have the highest of standards.

With such high expectations when it comes to incident management, workplace inspections, and monthly reporting, Mobilinx needed a solution to help raise the bar.

Working on large projects spanning multiple sites with hundreds of workers in the field at a time, Stewart also needed a solution to provide complete transparency into all projects and keep frontline participation rates high.


EcoOnline North America allowed safety professionals to perform real-time trend analysis on both leading and lagging indicators.

This makes reporting faster, more reliable, and creates transparency between the front-line workforce and senior management.

Stewart also shared that because EcoOnline North America is so user-friendly, it has helped boost engagement rates. “They quickly realize once they dive in, the ease of use is there within the system,” Stewart mentioned.

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