15 North American Workers Will
Die Before You Go Home Today

And someone will be injured before you finish this sentence.

We’ve helped our customers eliminate over
1 million workplace incidents.

incidents have been prevented by our customers to-date

eCompliance Is The #1
Software For Strengthening
Your Safety Culture

We help companies across North America
give their employees the tools they need
to create a safer workplace.


Our Customers Injury Rates are 70% Below Industry Averages.

Participation Improves
Safety Performance.

Our mobile app helps front-line workers complete hundreds of thousands of safety activities across North America every day.

Workplace Injuries Cost The <br>US $1 Billion Per Week

Workplace Injuries Cost The
US $1 Billion Per Week

How Much are They Costing You?

Use our Injury Cost Estimator to see how much workplace
injuries could be costing your company.



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28 Days

Time it takes the average eCompliance customer to be fully onboarded.

365 Days: Time it could take your company to integrate most other safety solutions.

Improve Your Safety Culture.
Save Lives. Reduce Costs.

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