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Spread across five provinces with twenty-three offices across the country, GeoVerra is one of the largest surveying and geomatics firms in Canada. Providing land surveying, forestry, environmental, and geospatial solutions to a diverse set of clients, working safely has always been one of the teams’ core values. Their commitment to safety and team of experts has allowed them to provide quality services and solutions to partners in multiple industries, including construction, oil and gas, transportation, forestry and many more.

Certified Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and Director of HSE at GeoVerra, Jen Alain, described how eCompliance has allowed her team to manage their health and safety program more effectively. With a reduction in time-consuming, manual processes, Jen has been able to strategically mitigate safety risks and stay proactive, while connecting a team of people across the country.

Land Surveying Services

3.8 million

hours worked without a lost time injury


reduction in the severity of incidents


The Director of HSE at GeoVerra, Jen Alain, and her
team found it extremely challenging to manage
all administrative elements and safety KPIs using
a paper and Excel-based system.

From keeping track of safety training and daily inspections, to site specific emergency response plans and proactive reporting, Jen was overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done to support the organization’s safety goals using their current system.

Because Jen and her team were working long hours while getting lost in administrative tasks, they were not able to focus on what they needed to accomplish from a strategic standpoint.


After evaluating several safety software options and service providers with GeoVerra’s IT manager, Jen knew eCompliance would be the perfect fit for the organization.

“Everything it offered ticked off all our needs and supported everything we were looking for in a digital safety management platform,” shared Jen.

“It has a website platform and a mobile app for front-line users, and it works in real-time! It also has a reliable offline mode which is crucial for our remote workforce.”


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