EcoOnline North America is revolutionizing safety with its cloud-based safety software, safety accreditation, and supply chain management systems.

Our purpose is to help create better workplaces to keep people safe, reduce risks, and simplify processes through our expert teams and technology. These days, success in business doesn’t just depend on what you do, but how you do it.

The way organizations manage risk – to take care of their people, customers, and the environment – has become just as important as products and services themselves.

We know we can do even more for our customers by putting the technology we develop, in workers’ hands. By engaging and involving employees directly with health and safety, we’ll gain valuable data that we can share with our customers. This will help them identify problems before they occur so that they are able to prevent accidents, increase productivity and drive higher profitability and employee retention.

EcoOnline North America ’s suite of products gives safety leaders and corporate executives an unrivalled view into their safety data, in real-time, to make faster, fact-based decisions to drive positive safety outcomes, and move towards proactive safety management, instead of reactive.

With EcoOnline North America , safety professionals have been able to revolutionize the world of work and reduce injury rates by 60%, drop TRIF by 130.7%, streamline safety processes, and create a competitive advantage for their business. We are transforming safety as we help create better workplaces in partnership with safety leaders across the globe.

We have expanded and grown to include three distinct products in our portfolio: Field iD™, eCompliance™, and ContractorCheck™. Each solves the challenges faced by health and safety professionals.

Our corporate vision and mission is to help create better workplaces to keep people safe, reducing risks, and simplifying processes through expert teams and technology.

Our mission is to create great relationships with customers to understand their needs and support them to build strong, resilient businesses, while delivering the service and technology which helps them create safe and effective workplaces.

More specifically, the North American team has set a goal to: Help our customers create safer workplaces that protect 5 million workers from workplace incidents by 2025.

Our Mission is to Eliminate
1 Million Workplace Incidents

We’re dedicated to help your business manage equipment quickly and easily while you protect what is most valuable: your people.


In the summer of 2010, a tragic workplace accident claimed the lives of two young people in a remote east coast community.

At the time, Adrian Bartha was on the project developers’ board of directors and was struck by the weight of the tragedy. The incident had a profound effect on him, knowing that the fatalities were 100% preventable.

Recognizing both that a worker is injured every 7 seconds and smartphone adoption was on the rise, he decided to build a tech company that would protect the frontline workforce and make sure they return home safely to their loved ones every day.

In October 2012, supported by a group of successful entrepreneurs from across the U.S. and Canada, Adrian and his business partner Josh LeBrun assumed the reins of a 12 employee online training company from previous owners and began building Field iD into the leading cloud product protecting the frontline workforce in hazardous industries.

Our Suite of Products

EcoOnline North America ™

Safety software to simplify employee safety and deliver better results. Drive safety performance, strengthen safety culture, and empower your front-line workforce with this easy-to-use mobile app that centralizes your entire safety program, including your data – giving you real time visibility into safety performance.

EcoOnline ContractorCheck™

Supply chain management platform to simplify contractor safety accreditation, connecting clients with trusted contractors. Streamline finding, accrediting, and managing contractors with a data-centric approach to ensure compliance and mitigate risk for your business.

EcoOnline Field iD™

Safety software to simplify asset inspection and deliver better results with 360 access to data, using our powerful reporting functionality. This user-friendly mobile app helps manage asset inspection across multitude of sites, ensuring your assets are tracked, serviced, and maintained to deliver a safer work environment.

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