Transform Your Asset Inspection Process

Increase Efficiency

Complete inspections and audits faster, more accurately, and without duplicate data entry

Reduce Liability

Automatic scheduling and notifications ensure work is done on time, reducing the chance of an accident

Maintain Compliance

The Field iD Safety Dashboard ensures complete visibility into your compliance requirements

Empower Your Workers

Show your workers you truly care about safety by allowing them to conduct adhoc audits to find potential hazards

Connect your front-line with the boardroom

Product Features

Access On or Offline

Field iD is designed to execute no matter where you are. Its reliable offline mode allows you to search for a range of assets and collect large volumes of data, without missing a beat. Whether you are working remotely or in-house, Field iD will deliver.


Digitize Equipment Inspection

Elevate your documentation with our powerful form builder, tailored to simplify custom inspection form creation. With the ability to automate inspections and perform them at volume, you can ensure an increase in efficiency and accuracy.


Get 360 Visibility

View the safety status of your organization in real time, with our powerful reporting functionality. With customized reports at a glance, you can always ensure compliance with safety regulations and be fully prepared for an audit.


Optimize With Dynamic Features

From scanning assets with high frequency RFID, 2D, or 3D barcodes to assigning and signing off on paperless forms, discover a range of features designed by experts in the field to strengthen your asset inspection processes.

29% of all workplace injuries are equipment-related

Reduce property damage, lost/stolen tools, and prevent critical equipment failure with eCompliance’s equipment tracking Field iD™ technology.

See how Delta Airlines used Field iD™ to eliminate injuries and inefficiencies.

EcoOnline Field iD helps you extend your equipment’s life, while always ensuring your employees are working with safe tools, vehicles and other assets. Give your front-line workers a simple and easy app for paperless inspections.

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