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At eCompliance, we’re all about culture. You should come to work because you genuinely like the people sitting next to you.

Not only that, but it’s refreshing to work in an organization that has a real mission. We’re not building marketing software, we’re saving lives.
If that means something to you, come join the
Safety Nerd team!


Our Values & Benefits

Work-life balance
We want you to have a balanced lifestyle between your personal and professional priorities.


No matter your role, your work is an example to those around you. You’re a leader in what you do.


Non-negotiables in every action we take within or outside our organization.


Continuous Improvement
We want our employees, product and customers to continually grow in their roles and improve on their skills.


When we collaborate, we create magic.
The eCompliance family works as a supportive team.
Unlimited Vacations
We don’t have a limit on the number of vacation days you want to take. We trust our employees!


Bi-Weekly eC Lunch
Who said that there’s never a free lunch? We offer free lunches to our teams every other Friday!


Flexible Hours
We don’t dictate a work schedule. We want you to make your own!


Educational Stipend
You’ll get $1,000 towards courses, classes or conferences to support your professional growth!


Comprehensive Benefits Package
Three months in, you’ll have access to a comprehensive benefits package!

Want to become
a Safety Nerd?

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