EHS Management Software for Oil & Gas

Streamline and scale your safety management program. 

Working with our customers in the oil and gas industry globally, we understand the stresses and challenges working in such a high risk, highly regulated industry. With EcoOnline, you can proactively manage risk, develop a scalable EHS program, and drive operational efficiencies.  

Simplify Your Safety Management.

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in employee participation rate from frontline employees


in time to respond to workplace hazards


on every $1 spent on safety

Keep your people and assets safe with increased compliance

when you streamline your workplace health and safety program

Ensure You Are Protecting What Matters Most,
Keeping Your People and Assets Safe

Create scheduled or ad hoc inspections, audits, and checklists. Instantly communicate, assign, and track corrective/preventative actions. Create an audit trail for any inspection or external audit, and use it to trace actions back to users to drive greater employee accountability, and adherence to regulatory standards.

Extend Safety Management to Contractors

Extend safety management to contractors. Gain insights into where risks exist among your third-party workforce at all levels of your organization. Enable all contractors, suppliers, and clients to better assess, manage, and report on their activities when they can conduct analytics on safety performance with a reporting dashboard.

Proactively Manage Risks Across the Entire Organization

Encourage safe work practices and procedures by providing employees with detailed hazard descriptions, controls and risk ratings. Enabling teams to easily identify, trend, and control operational risks across the entire enterprise.

Drive Sustainable Safety Performance Through Employee Training

Utilize employee training to drive operational efficiencies, work quality, and employee participation through a holistic training management approach. Proactively manage employee certifications and easily distribute content and manage certification across your business.

Leverage Advanced Analytics and Data Reporting
for Proactive Safety Management

Take advantage of the data collected from the frontline and leverage it proactively to address threats, hazards, and risks across the entire enterprise. Create an easy flow of safety and operational data, to accurately and consistently trend and share data quickly throughout the entire organization. .

Solving oil and gas safety challenges

Reduce Risk and Ensure Compliance

Organizations with integrated EHS management systems have higher adoption of risk management best practices that help to identify risk factors and track those across operations.


A user-friendly, intuitive interface enables an increase in employee adoption rates among the organization and make it easy for your frontline to engage with EHS activities, increasing mobile overall engagement rates and helping to drive safety performance. 

Centralize and Improve Data Quality

With safety data centralized in one location, you can start to identify specific patterns and trends regarding leading and lagging indicators. Easily track safety KPIs, measure performance, and analyze data to implement positive changes in the workplace to protect more people

Train and Retain Great Talent

Provide employees with access to 300+ eLearning courses, while managers track employee training performance and report on expired certificates.

Mobile solution

Put safety in the hands of your frontline with the ability to complete jobs from anywhere with a reliable offline mode. Frontline workers will have more freedom, can improve productivity, and reduce lost time due to administrative tasks or traveling between sites.

Optimize Operational Performance

With data insight, streamlined processes and continuous improvement, you can drive greater control and increased efficiency through automating time-consuming processes that reduce or eliminate paperwork.

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