Achieving COR is Hard, Don’t Do it Alone


Trust the system that the official COR Auditors (The IHSA) used to ensure their own business was
COR compliant.

The IHSA and Energy Safety Canada (Enform) also use eCompliance to maintain their own COR. We provide you
with a user-friendly system to determine where you’re
already compliant and the areas that need improvement.

Accelerate Your Timeline
Towards COR Certification


Simplify the Process


Achieving COR in 5 Simple Steps

eCompliance helps you achieve COR using 5 simple steps:

-Read instructions on how to create documents to meet the COR requirements

-Create the necessary documents and processes using examples as needed

-Upload the documents to eCompliance and link to the requirement

-Check off each item on the checklist

-Repeat for each subsequent section


If an Auditor Came Today,
How Would You DO?

Track your real-time status and milestones on your journey to achieving and maintaining COR. Know exactly where you stand right now.

-Real-time status reports

-Step-by-step procedure for achieving COR

-Auditor-friendly reports

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