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Why is OSHA Training Important?

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February 15, 2022

3 Minutes

Why is OSHA Training Important?

The journey to a high participation safety culture is never truly over. You don’t actually achieve compliance or a strong safety culture – you maintain them. The work is never done. 

One of the most crucial elements of creating that culture is regular OSHA training to ensure that everyone on-site has a clear idea of their role. You need to ensure that your tenured employees always have the most up-to-date information, while also making thorough safety and OSHA training a key part of the onboarding process for new hires. 

This blog will walk you through why OSHA training is one of the most important elements of your safety culture, while also discussing some of the tools you can use. 

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Benefits of OSHA Training

On a purely holistic level, the two main benefits of a strong training program are that everyone is aware of what they should be doing, and everyone goes home safely every day. 

However, there are more tangible benefits, such as: 

1. More Protected Employees

A properly trained employee is a safe employee. This is why new employees in their first month on the job have more than 3 times more lost-time injuries than workers who have been at their job for more than a year.

2. Financial Gains

A strong safety culture is a competitive advantage! According to The National Safety Council (NSC), workplace injuries cost the US labor force more than $171.0 billion in 2019, which breaks down to: 

  • $1,100 per worker 
  • $1,220,000 per death 
  • $42,000 per medically consulted injury 

All of the other advantages we will cover in this list will also have a direct impact on your bottom line. 

3. Constant Industry Compliance

When safety is a part of your everyday culture, you don’t need to fear inspections or any of the fines associated with non-compliance. 
Constant compliance also means you get…

4. Access to High-End Projects and Contracts

Your safety record will be heavily scrutinized every time you bid on a new job. In most cases, the higher the value of a project, the higher the bar will be set for a strong (and proven) safety culture. OSHA and industry compliance may be the minimum you need.

OSHA Training Courses

Our robust, cloud-based EHS management solution provides a variety of OSHA training courses. From OSHA Recordkeeping for Employees to New OSHA Safety Regulations, we want to help educate EHS professionals on the various elements of OSHA to help keep them compliant.  

Some of our most popular programs relating to OSHA include: 

  • Introduction to OSHA 
  • Hazard Recognition 
  • Lockout Tagout 
  • Asbestos Awareness 
  • Personal Protective Equipment  
  • Respiratory Protection and Safety  
  • Dealing with Hazardous Spills  
  • OSHA Recordkeeping for Employees 
  • OSHA Recordkeeping for Managers and Supervisors 
  • The OSHA Formaldehyde Standard: Laboratory Safety Series

Find out more about our mobile, eLearning solution and the courses we offer here.

OSHA Training with Safety Training Management Software

Our safety management solution not only helps you encourage front-line participation in daily safety activities – it can also be an invaluable training tool.

First of all, it provides a central hub for all of your training documentation, policies, and procedures. Second, it helps you stay on top of every single employee’s training and certifications. If someone’s certification is approaching the renewal deadline, you can be notified and take action immediately.

See how the EcoOnline EHS management solution can help your organization with OSHA Training by speaking to one of our safety experts or filling out the form below.

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