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Training Your EHS Team During COVID-19

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October 30, 2020

5 Minutes


     Dina Adlouni

Dina is the resident Content Writer at eCompliance. When she’s not writing about health and safety, you’ll find her enjoying a cup of tea while watching her favorite sitcom.

With all the challenges EHS professionals are currently tackling, it’s important to ensure the entire workforce has the training and knowledge needed to mitigate all risks. Safety is a top priority now more than ever, and we must do everything to keep our front-line workforce safe. This, in turn, will help protect their families and the community at large.

The first step to safeguarding your team is to educate them on present risks and what can be done to help reduce them. Due to the current landscape, this may be difficult to accomplish through conventional classroom training which may be conducted to teach team members more. With recommendations to reduce the number of people indoors, strict social distancing measures, along with reduced touchpoints, classroom training may seem impossible right now.

And this is where we come in. With these three things, you’ll be able to efficiently educate your team while battling COVID-19…

1. A Digital EHS Software Solution

Today, having people comfortably come together in one area is a distant memory. Classroom and group training on-site is no longer feasible, so how can we make sure everyone is protected with the tools needed to stay safe? Enter a digital EHS software solution!

With an enhanced EHS software solution, like eCompliance, safety professionals can convert any training material or resources into a custom course, upload it into the system, and make it accessible to all employees. Supervisors and trainers can now accommodate any number of individuals at one time on a digital platform. They no longer have to worry about exposing anyone to any risks, as team members do not have to come together and are not exposed to as many touchpoints.

This alternative also helps reduce the cost of classroom materials, trainers, etc. It can accommodate training at any time, anywhere, with any number of students.

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2. The Right eLearning Courses

With an enhanced digital EHS system in place, you may need to question if you are giving your workforce the proper knowledge needed to stay safe. Access to eLearning and safety courses on your digital safety system is critical.


With the right eLearning courses and microlearning videos you will engage and empower them with the knowledge needed to protect themselves. This will naturally spark deeper conversations between team members of ways daily processes and job tasks can be improved to remain proactive. This passion will soon translate into a stronger safety culture and a more invested workforce.

eCompliance’s robust eLearning functionality grants access to over 200 safety courses and 50 microlearning videos, in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Ranging from COVID-19 focused courses like COVID-19:Protecting Yourself and Others and COVID-19 Preparedness for Employers and Employees to other areas like Hazard Recognition and Workplace Violence, you can easily assign the right course to a specific employee or group. With the help of our customer coaches, you can also add your own custom content as well!

With the right resources and materials to teach your team, you can expect a safer workplace. Browse our eLearning catalogue to explore more.

3. Efficient Ways to Track Training and Follow Up

With the right digital EHS system and courses in place, the only thing missing is a proper tracking method to track completed courses. It’s important to be aware of all employee training and certifications requiring updates, which can be extremely difficult when you’re using a paper-based system. What’s the solution? You guessed it! A training management platform, embedded into your digital EHS solution.

Imagine having the ability to gain complete visibility into all team members’ training, courses, and certificates. With a digital training management platform, you can easily create employee profiles which show all completed courses and training, in addition to certificates. Not only does this help you easily spot gaps in training, but it allows your workforce to have digital certification handy, whenever they are on-site.

You can also set up automated reminders to notify workers they have been assigned a course or they need to renew an expired piece of certification. Keeping track of employee training has never been easier, with a digital EHS solution.

Ready to Set Your Team Up for Success?

The time has come to engage and empower your workforce with the proper knowledge to keep them safe. But, where do you start?

With a robust digital EHS software solution, the right eLearning courses, and a training management platform, training your team during COVID-19 is not such an impossible feat.

Our team wants to help you keep your people safe and with our digital software solution, we believe we can. eCompliance is a cloud-based EHS software which allows you access to an extensive library of safety courses and microlearning videos with the ability to add your own custom course. With a system efficiently tracking training and certification across your team, identifying gaps and managing employee profiles is no longer a struggle.

Learn more about online training and how you can protect your team with our whitepaper on The Unconventional Guide to Training Employees and fill out the form below to speak to one of our safety experts today about how eCompliance can help you attain safety excellence!

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