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The Top 4 Ways Asset Inspection Leads to Operational Excellence

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April 20, 2021

Dina Adlouni

Follow us on a three-part series, dedicated to the incredible capabilities of digital asset inspection systems and their ability to simplify your safety journey in a rapidly changing world. Today, we will highlight the top four reasons an asset inspection system is vital to your organization and how it will help revolutionize safety, allowing you to maintain smoother business operations, even during a pandemic. Whether your physical assets are capital equipment, PPE, or anything that could spell disaster if it isn’t working as expected, creating peace of mind is well worth the small effort it takes to get it right.

1. Boost Efficiency

With an effective system in place, you can look forward to getting time back in your day as all processes are streamlined with confidence. From digitized forms to the ability to complete inspections faster, an asset inspection system will make everything feel seamless while giving you an extra layer of protection.

So much time is required to manually put in your data when using a paper-based system, and let’s not forget the likelihood of human error. When moving from pen and paper or Excel sheets to a digitized platform, you can rest assured that all data is centralized in an accessible digital system. Now, everything can be shared with ease as information is automatically synched and available to anyone from field workers to boardroom executives to demonstrate that hard earned assets are being protected. What’s more, is a digital asset inspection system allows you to complete routine inspections in a few clicks, with the help of proven RFID and barcode technology! Supervisors or inspectors can perform inspections at high volume with the help of customizable audit or inspection templates, flag issues for corrective/preventative action, and get on with the rest of their day.

With COVID-19 in mind, this digital element is crucial as less hands are exposed to a range of surfaces and documents no longer need to be physically passed from one person to the next. Site managers also no longer have to travel from one location to the other to get the information they need, as everything is centralized in the system (including procedures for equipment or photo evidence for that hard to explain stuff!). Get ready to boost efficiency while keeping your team’s safety top of mind.

2. Reduce Liability

One of the most important things on-site is to reduce any chance of accidents or risks, especially now. With a proper asset inspection system, you can put your mind at ease knowing that while you may not catch everything, you have a system that never sits still allowing your team to continuously improve.

A reliable system will allow you to always stay on top of all assets through automatic scheduling. Scheduling is as easy as 1, 2, 3 as you set up your audit and inspection schedules according to the type of equipment you are managing. With an innovative system you should also have the ability to set up recurring schedules by placing a reminder as needed, whether that’s the beginning of every month, week, or year. This way you can always make sure that your assets are accounted for, ultimately extending the lifetime of your equipment and saving your company money.

Automatically linking your corrective or preventative actions to your assets demonstrates to any auditor that you’ve got this stuff under control and that the professional way of doing things extends beyond any one individual. This process includes four steps which are identifying all problems, prioritizing their importance, assigning follow up tasks that need to be executed, and tracking and analyzing results. This is helpful in situations where the company must protect itself from potential threats of legal action. Oftentimes, the party with strong documentation that can demonstrate a reasonable process in place has the upper hand.

Forget relying on Excel sheets or worse, paper to locate when your next inspection should be. Email notifications or exception reports can help bring you some peace of mind. What’s more is you can also set up your own emails with a list of tasks to be sent out to team members, with a handy template builder. With the right asset inspection system, all tasks and assignments can be integrated with your calendar, so you’ll never miss a beat. 

3. Maintain Compliance

An asset inspection system is an integral part of any successful organization because it will keep you compliant. With an innovative dashboard that highlights everything from KPIs to activity graphs, you’ll ensure a pristine reputation within your industry.

The ability to digitize all data and place it in a form which provides real-time insight will revolutionize your safety processes. Organize all compliance records and customize your safety information as you see fit to discover any trends or patterns that need to be addressed. An efficient system will also allow you to create multiple dashboards that can be customized for certain people on your team, assets, and even locations you may be visiting.

Looking at all of your data in real-time will not only create a safer environment at your organization, but it will also be your competitive edge in the market. A spotless record will help make you the number one choice.

4. Empower Your Workforce

With a reliable asset inspection system in the palm of your team’s hands, you can empower your workforce, making them an integral part of maintaining compliance. Nothing is more powerful than a platform that gives team members the ability to make a difference.

For example, an asset inspection software will make ad hoc audits a breeze. This system is designed to be user-friendly by allowing you to complete inspections and audits in a few easy clicks. With this tool, your workers will complete important tasks at lightning speed.

Corrective actions will also place safety at their fingertips. An empowered team can be more proactive and benefit from hearing the voices of those with years of experience and expertise as you get all eyes (and all creative ideas) on how to best protect your assets and equipment. By giving your workforce the ability to play a pivotal role in preventing a potentially dangerous situation from occurring, such as an outbreak of COVID-19, you will build a team that is empowered and inspired.

Ready to Attain Operational Excellence?

With the right solution, all asset inspection processes can be simplified while enhancing your safety culture and strengthening your workforce! It can be difficult to find a product that will meet all your demands, but with a solution like Field iD you can be sure to achieve safety excellence with confidence.

Discover everything Field iD has to offer by visiting ecompliance.com/fieldid/ or filling out the form below to speak to a safety representative. 


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