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Three Reasons You Need eCompliance 7.0

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August 5, 2020

Dina Adlouni

Our team of Safety Nerds here at eCompliance, is always looking towards the future to bring health and safety professionals, like you, closer to achieving your aspirations. We are on a continuous mission to help strengthen your safety culture and provide you with innovative ways to mitigate risks and simplify everyday processes. Now, it’s time to unleash the next wave of safety innovation! We want to give you a competitive edge in your industry with our newly enhanced safety mobile software…

Meet our new and improved, mobile safety software solution: eCompliance 7.0!

With eCompliance 7.0, safety professionals across varying industries will experience a seamless journey from onboarding to deployment in as little as 28 days, with a system that is fast, powerful, and reliable. Explore eCompliance 7.0 for 3-months free, now until August 31st. Click here to learn more!

With an enhanced user experience and brand new intuitive capabilities, staying proactive and building a strong safety culture will be a breeze!

Here’s how…

1. Ease of Use

Using a mobile safety software which is simple and intuitive while on the job, is essential. eCompliance 7.0 is built by safety professionals, for safety professionals, so we know how important it is to have a solution which is easy for everyone to use, from the front-line workforce to boardroom executives. From an enhanced look and feel to standardized reports, we’ve rebuilt our product with your convenience in mind.

One of the first things safety professionals will notice is the sleek look and feel of this digital solution. This will offer users, like yourself, an improved user-experience and user interface to make navigating from one section to the other seamless. We also know that your time is valuable so we’ve made it easy to search for templates and sites, so you can find the forms you need in seconds and complete them at lightning speed!

eCompliance 7.0 also helps to alleviate your workload as standardized reports and dashboards are readily available, alleviating the need for you to build custom items. With this system, you can choose from a selection of over 50 reports to get a real-time view of safety performance at your organization! With the data and analysis in your hands, you can focus on identifying trends and implementing next steps to strengthen your strategy.

As you can see, we’ve rebuilt our system on new technology to allow your entire team to complete tasks with a few easy clicks, completely hassle-free!

2. Offline Capabilities

We know how crucial it is to empower your workforce, so not only have we placed safety in the palm of their hands with a reliable mobile system, but we have also given them the ability to work offline! Imagine being able to work in the most remote or low coverage locations, uninterrupted. How is this possible?

eCompliance 7.0 has been rebuilt with new, cutting-edge technology which is able to detect when you lose or gain internet connection, offering a greater sense of reliability. Specific notification feedback has been enabled to notify users when they lose connection, allowing them to still complete tasks even though they are offline. Notifications are also enabled when any action items, which were created offline, have been submitted successfully to provide reassurance that all items are in the system.

Never worry about losing data again with a system that will always deliver, whether you are on or offline.

3. Language Support

With a continuous mission to provide support to safety professionals and their teams in any way we can, we are also excited to unveil our new language options. The eCompliance 7.0 mobile app is now offered in French and Spanish to support a French and Spanish speaking workforce!

In order to help teams in different regions, our team of Safety Nerds has translated the app in its entirety! At eCompliance, we believe that language should never be a barrier when it comes to safety, so we have given users the option to use our system in English, French, or Spanish to meet the needs of teams in varying locations.

The Bottom Line is….

With eCompliance 7.0, you are getting so much more than just software. This robust, digital solution is not only a window into your safety program to make better informed, data-driven decisions, but it is also a tool to help your entire workforce get home safely at the end of the day. Our team of highly trained safety experts will be at your service from implementation to deployment, to help improve your safety culture and drive performance.

With safety at the forefront, we are on a mission to eliminate 1 million workplace incidents by the end of 2020 and 2 million incidents per day by 2025. Find out more about how we can help strengthen your safety approach and speak to one of our Safety Nerds about trying eCompliance for 3-months free!

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