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Our Pledge this National Day of Mourning

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April 28, 2020

Dina Adlouni

Today is a day where we honor those who have lost their lives or been injured due to workplace incidents and occupational hazards. This day is especially tough this year as COVID-19 has claimed the lives of several front-line workers and left thousands ill. These front-line workers have courageously continued to sacrifice their lives to keep us safe and keep our economy going.

The amount of gratitude we feel towards these heroes is indescribable and we cannot thank them enough for their extraordinary efforts.

Today is a solemn day where we not only pay our respects to people from all walks of life in a myriad of industries, but also remind ourselves of the responsibility we have to ensure the health and safety of every worker.

As an organization, our team at eCompliance has made a commitment that all workers get home safely, each and every day. This is exemplified at the core of our mission to eliminate 1 million workplace incidents by 2020 and protect 2 million workers every day by 2025. To date, alongside a committed group of safety leaders, we have prevented over 650,000 incidents and counting. We are passionate about ensuring the health and safety of the front-line, so they can return home safely to their loved ones every day.

Facing the loss of a worker is one which our Founder, Adrian Bartha, has unfortunately experienced. In the summer of 2010, two precious lives were lost in a devasting workplace accident. It occurred in a remote East Coast community where Adrian was a member of the project developers’ Board of Directors. This loss affected him so deeply that he made a promise to dedicate his work to protecting people on the frontlines and eCompliance was born.

Here at eCompliance, we are passionate about the health of safety of all workers. This year, our team has taken a pledge to show our commitment to our community and to fulfilling our mission to ensure their safety.

Our team, both in Canada and the U.K., have pledged to help keep our workforces safe and bring them home every day. Here is what some of our team members had to say when asked: “How will you help eCompliance reach its mission of eliminating 1 million workplace incidents by the end of 2020?“

“Sharing our customers’ amazing stories and ideas with the safety community and removing any obstacles for our team along the way in creating the safe world all of us (and our children) deserve.” -Adrian Bartha, Founder and North American President, EcoOnline
“By connecting with my customers and learning their current Health and Safety workflows and processes. I hope to help them utilize eCompliance to better analyze the data coming in from the front-line so that they can find the pain points of Health and Safety in their organization and start to address them.” – Rowan Francois, Customer Success Coach, Customer Success
“Educating as many companies as possible, globally, on the benefits of engaging their at risk front-line workers with the easy to use eCompliance mobile app to increase participation in their safety culture and reduce incidents.” – Christopher Smith, Senior Account Executive, Sales
“Continuing to improve our amazing software systems to give employers and employees class leading tools to manage their safety in the workplace.” – Dave Cozens, Head of Engineering, EcoOnline – Cardiff, UK

By sharing our pledges, we would like to remind the world we all have a unique part to play in keeping each other safe. It is by raising awareness and our voices, that we can all make a difference as we each contribute to the safety of workers around the nation.

How will you pledge to keep the front-line workforce safe?

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