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Mission Accomplished: EcoOnline North America Eliminates Over 1 Million Workplace Incidents

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November 17, 2020

5 Minutes


     Dina Adlouni

Dina is the resident Content Writer at EcoOnline North America . When she’s not writing about health and safety, you’ll find her enjoying a cup of tea while watching her favorite sitcom.

Ten years ago, our team of Safety Nerds at EcoOnline North America set out on a mission to eliminate 1 million workplace incidents by the end of the year 2020. Today, we’re honored and proud to say we have not only accomplished our mission early, but we have helped to eliminate over 1 million workplace incidents with the total number being…

1,062,938 incidents prevented!

We are incredibly humbled to have been able to help so many customers protect their people and strengthen their safety culture over the years. These incidents prevented, not only mean people were kept safe, but it means they also went home to their loved ones every single day.

According to our Customer Impact Survey, sent a few weeks ago, the average rate of reduction in customer injuries is 60%, including 24% of customers seeing zero incidents since implementing EcoOnline North America . We are elated that safety professionals, like you, have been using our product to make a strong, long-lasting impact on safety at work.

Where it all began…

In 2010, Adrian Bartha, EcoOnline North America ’s Founder, was part of the Board of Directors of a project being developed in the East Coast of Canada where two young people lost their lives on-site. This tragedy impacted Adrian immensely, and with the knowledge every 7 seconds a worker is injured on-site, he started working to develop a solution to help safety professionals protect the front-line workforce from incidents and injuries.

Thus, eCompliance was born in 2013! With a mission to get everyone home safely at the end of the day, the team of Safety Nerds dreamed big and set a goal to eliminate 1 million workplace incidents by the end of 2020. Though this seemed like an audacious goal, Adrian and his mighty team knew it would just be the beginning of their journey.

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Where we are now…

Fast forward 10 years and EcoOnline North America ’s incredible mission has been accomplished! How do we know? We wanted to gather as much information as we could from our customers about what their experience with our product has been like over the years. We wanted to dig deeper to find out the impact EcoOnline North America has had on front-line workers, and businesses overall, so we sent out a Customer Impact Survey to ask for feedback.

After going through the results, we found customers who use our digital safety software have been able to reduce their injury rates by 60% on average, seen in this graph:

Raw Distribution of Change in Injury Rates

In the top graph, the red bars represent “Before” when customers first started using EcoOnline North America and the blue bars represent “After” or the most recent major reporting period of the organization. The “Change in Injury Rates” are a combination of Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF), and Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR). Injuries are seen to decrease over time after using EcoOnline North America , evident in the top graph.

The bottom graph shows this in more detail, capturing the 60% average injury reduction rate. This was calculated by reviewing a question in the survey on key trailing injury statistic used by the organization, then capturing the injury rate when this safety champion joined the company and comparing it to their injury rate at the present moment.

Another incredible insight we captured was 1 in 3 organizations have seen zero incidents since using EcoOnline North America , with 90% improving their safety record with the help of our software solution.

Following this, we found that 24% have eliminated injuries entirely. This means that 24% of our EcoOnline North America customers have achieved “0” incidents since working with our safety software. This is huge, and this is what we want for all of our customers.

2020 Customer Impact Research Survey

We wanted to dive even deeper, so we asked customers what key factors attributed to their success in improving safety performance at their organization. Here are some testimonies from our customers:

“The real-time data has been a game changer. We are now able to trend data and present it the next month.”

“Focusing on leading indicators and having strong executive management commitment from those who understand the impact of safety on business performance and operational excellence.”

Today, our community of Safety Champions have made several accomplishments, from winning awards to being injury free since signing on with EcoOnline North America :

  • Safety Award of Excellence from Industry Organization
  • Being recognized for 5 years in a row by the Electrical Contractors Association for the Best in Safety
  • Receiving the President’s Award from the IHSA and COR Excellence Milestone Award
  • Year to date, recordable free
  • 2 million hours worked without a lost time injury
  • Zero transmission of COVID-19 within the workplace

Now what?

Accomplishing our mission is only the beginning for our team of Safety Nerds here at EcoOnline North America , and we want to send a huge congratulations to all the Safety Leaders in our community for helping to make this possible! Without you and your belief in our digital safety software, none of this would have been possible.

It is because of your commitment to protecting your people and keeping them safe, that we were able to work together to get them home safely each and every day.

As we take in all the lessons we have learned over the years, we are continuously working on more ways to optimize our software to help you strengthen your safety culture even more.

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