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Health and Safety Management Software

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October 18, 2022

9 Minutes


     Dina Adlouni

Dina is the resident Content Writer at EcoOnline North America . When she’s not writing about health and safety, you’ll find her enjoying a cup of tea while watching her favorite sitcom.

Health and Safety Management Software

Health and safety management software can help simplify creating a safer work environment. Through streamlined safety processes and robust reporting and communication, you can create a more proactive approach to safety to get ahead of risks and hazards before they lead to incidents or injuries. Gain greater transparency into your health and safety program with all your data and documents digitized and centralized in one, easily accessible cloud-based solution.  

Read on to gain more insight on health and safety management software and learn more about: 

  • What is a health and safety management system? 
  • What are the benefits of a health and safety management system? 
  • Features and benefits of a safety management system software 
  • Things to consider before buying a safety management system software 
  • How is EcoOnline different from others?  

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What is a health and safety management system?

A health and safety management system can help you organize all safety documentation, procedures, workplace policies, and data to help you efficiently protect your workforce from incidents or injuries. Having a digital health and safety management system can help optimize your processes far more than a paper or Excel-based system, as you can centralize all information into one platform giving you 360-degree visibility into all areas of your health and safety program.  

What are the benefits of a health and safety management system?

There are myriad benefits when it comes to a health and safety management system. Below are just a few of the many things a digital health and safety management system can do to help elevate safety at your organization: 

1. Gain greater transparency

With all aspects digitized into one platform, you can gain greater insight and transparency into your health and safety program. With such visibility, you can easily spot gaps and deficiencies in your health and safety program, so you know what areas to work on to help reduce incidents and injuries on-site. Organizing everything into one digital solution also simplifies and improves reporting and data collection, as you can start to spot patterns and uncover hidden deficiencies. This will help you predict trends, so you can implement a more proactive approach to safety.   

2. Prevent high insurance costs

With a more proactive approach to safety, you can also prevent high insurance costs. A stronger safety record showing very few incidents and injuries can lead to lower insurance premiums, saving your organization money. It is for this reason that it is important to have an efficient health and safety management system so you can make sure all safety procedures, policies, data, and more, are in order to properly protect your workforce from injuries or illnesses.  

3. Reduce administrative burdens

A digital health and safety management system can also help you reduce the administrative burdens of entering data and information into an Excel spreadsheet or having to write everything down on paper. Instantly enter information into the cloud-based platform, where you can easily share it with all key stakeholders in the organization. Set up automated notifications or alerts so the workforce is alerted when certain tasks need to be completed or there is a change to policy or procedures.  

4. Maintain compliance

It is important to always remain compliant with industry rules and regulations. If you are found to not comply with certain elements in your location, you could face hefty fines. Having a digital health and safety management system can help you stay on track with a built-in programs feature. Learn more about all the required fields and documents needed to remain compliant in your industry by following along with a Programs Tab within the software, that highlights all the necessary elements needed.  

5. Increase worker participation and engagement

A digital health and safety management system can also help to increase worker participation and engagement. With a mobile app, you can place safety in the palm of your workforce’s hands, allowing them to easily conduct inspections and take photos of hazards on the spot. These forms can then be automatically shared with their supervisor, who can assign the necessary corrective actions. With a reliable offline mode, your team can also work in remote locations without interruption using the mobile app, rather than being tethered to a desktop computer.  

Features and benefits of safety management system software

Having safety management system software in place can be very beneficial for your organization. Other than what was mentioned above, it can help you avoid time-consuming manual processes so you can focus on key priority areas at your organization, helping you to ultimately improve safety performance. It can also allow your organization to grow and scale as your needs evolve.  

There are many features a health and safety management software should contain. Here is a look at some key capabilities that can help you elevate safety:  

1. Incident Management

Safety management system software can help your teams work together towards recognizing possible risks and hazards on-site to effectively manage incidents, creating a safer workplace. This is done by reporting near misses, incidents and injuries, as well as property or equipment damage easily through a mobile app. Key stakeholders can then take the necessary steps needed to rectify the issue to create a safer work environment.  

2. Robust reporting

A robust reporting capability is another key feature found in health and safety management system software. This can help you track key leading and lagging indicators, safety metrics, as well as trends and patterns to gain a deeper understanding of your safety performance. With this knowledge you can start to uncover hidden gaps and weaknesses in your health and safety program.  

3. Corrective action capability

Mitigate risks quickly with a Corrective Actions feature. This allows you to easily create action items for your team when hazards are identified. Actions are assigned to key stakeholders with details, priority settings, and more. This also allows you to stay on top of corrective action completion status, creating greater accountability among the workforce and your team members.  

4. Compliance management

As mentioned earlier, a health and safety management system can help you manage and maintain compliance. Through a built-in Programs Tab, you can easily choose the program you want to adhere to and follow a step-by-step approach towards managing a safety standard with listed guidelines and resources. A software system will also help you house all documents in one spot so you can keep track of any missing pieces.  

5. Training management and eLearning courses

Having access to eLearning courses as well as training management capabilities can help you ensure that all workers have completed the necessary training to perform their jobs safely. Easily assign and manage training, view employee profiles, and track completion statuses of your workforce. Having access to a library of eLearning courses can also be beneficial so you can assign the necessary courses or customize your own.  

Things to consider before buying a safety management system software

Our EcoOnline team wants to help you choose the optimum safety management system software. Here are just some of the questions you should consider asking before buying a digital solution: 

How will it help to mitigate risks and strengthen our safety performance?

This is a fundamental question you should ask before buying any safety management system software. What do the inspection and assessment forms look like? Are templates available? Can you customize your own forms? Gain a deeper understanding of how this software will help you mitigate risks and stay proactive when it comes to creating a safer workplace. 

Is it user-friendly and intuitive?

Having a software system which is user-friendly and intuitive is essential. This will help you increase adoption and engagement rates among the workforce so that more people use the solution while on the job.  

Will it help streamline communication across the organization?

Streamlined communication is vital to mitigating risks quickly. Having the ability to communicate with different team members on multiple sites and standardize processes across the organization can help you efficiently protect your people. Rather than hand in an inspection form by placing it on the supervisor’s desks amidst a pile of papers, digitally submit it. The supervisor will instantly receive it and will assign the necessary corrective actions to all key stakeholders.   

Does it have a reliable mobile app and offline mode?

A mobile app and a reliable offline mode are key to empowering your workforce. This will allow them to continue working while they are out in the field or in remote locations, rather than being restricted by a desktop app. Do not underestimate this capability as it can truly help to increase productivity and user engagement.  

What is the reporting capability?

A strong reporting capability can help you keep track of KPIs and safety metrics such as total recordable incident rates (TRIR), Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred (DART), Lost Time Injury Rates (LTIR), and much more. This will help you gain insight into your safety performance, help you conduct root cause analyses, and allow you to uncover the areas you need to work on or prioritize to protect your people.  

Does it have customization options?

Make the software solution you choose cater to your needs through customization options. Make sure you can build your own forms, modify existing templates, customize dashboards, and much more so you are getting the information you need to help simplify safety. This can help you strengthen your safety performance as you are configuring components within the software to suit your company goals and objectives 

Do you offer customer service and IT support?

Having a responsive customer success team and IT support is essential when using a new software system. It is essential to work with a customer representative when first using the software to help modify it to suit your needs and help you understand how to use it efficiently. IT support should also be available to answer questions you may have as you start to use the software. Make sure the company you choose will stand buy you after you have purchased the software to offer help where needed.  

How is EcoOnline different from others? 

The EcoOnline EHS management solution helps professionals simplify safety. Our software has helped eliminate over 1 million incidents with its dynamic capabilities, including: 

  • It’s highly configurable and user-friendly interface, making it easy for end users to adopt 
  • It’s robust reporting engine which allows you to customize dashboards to get the data you need to stay proactive and deliver key performance insights  
  • It’s unique corrective action notification set up to instantly alert team members of actions which must be completed  
  • It’s ability to scale with your organization as it grows and evolves 
  • The option to explore our portfolio of solutions which support asset inspection, ESG capabilities, as well as contractor safety management  
  • A customer success team and global support to help with all of your IT needs 

Want to learn more about how our health and safety management software can help you reduce risk and stay proactive? Speak to an EcoOnline representative today  

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