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End the Reporting Nightmare – How to Save Time on Reporting and Impress Your CEO

Trust us, we get it – safety reporting, while extremely important to your company, is no picnic. The status quo of relying on pen and paper inspections and using excel to generate reports is time consuming and tedious. Not only do you have to consolidate the data sent from multiple job sites but you also have to dress it up to make it presentable for your executives. Just preparing reports is a full time job in and of itself, not to mention the time it takes to review the data you’ve prepared.

The time you spend preparing your reporting takes away from the time you could spend analyzing and making informed decisions that could lead to real changes and improvements in your company’s safety culture. The hours spent building reports also keeps you in the office, taking away from the time you could be spending with friends and family. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be that way. When you use the proper tools, reporting can be automated, allowing you more time to analyze the results and draw meaningful conclusions that will impress your CEO, all while having fewer late nights at the office frustrated with Microsoft Excel.

When you use safety management software, safety reporting goes from a complete nightmare to a real opportunity to prove the value of your work to your boss. Here’s how:

4 Ways Safety Software Improves the Reporting Process:

Safety software gives you a better and faster way to generate your safety reports for your CEO so you can spend more time analyzing and making educated decisions for enhancing your safety program. Here are the 4 ways you can improve your reporting process:

1. Instant Access to Real Time Data – Using a vendor that operates in the cloud instead of having servers in your office allows you to incorporate mobile devices that your workers can use to perform safety inspections.  This makes all data immediately available as quickly as people complete inspections.  You have immediate access to the safety data across all of your jobsites in real time, instead of waiting for weeks for a paper inspection to make its way back to you! You can erase the lag time between when data is collected and when it’s ready for reporting.

2. Automated CEO-Ready Reports – Another way to improve the reporting process is through automatically generated reports that include CEO-ready graphs and charts.  Say goodbye to working with excel to create the graphs and charts you need to present your safety data to your boss. Rather, software can take care of this administrative work automatically so your data is presentation ready instantly, giving you more time to analyze and draw conclusions that will impress your executives.

3. Unparalleled View of Complete Safety Performance – Using safety software, you not only get instant access to real time safety inspection data, but you get a full view of safety performance overall. You can check to see that everyone across all of your jobsites are up to date with their safety training. You can see which department has the most corrective actions completed or the most outstanding. You can even see who has read the necessary safety documentation and who has not. You have a user-friendly dashboard view of the safety performance across your organization which gives you an easy way to quickly see how well your safety program is running. It gives you a convenient way to prove to your CEO that the changes you have made have led to real improvements in the safety of your organization.

4. Accessibility – One of the key benefits of cloud software is its accessibility. As long as you have internet access, you can access the information you need for reporting. This means that you can choose to finish your reporting in the comfort of your home, your kid’s hockey game or at a coffee shop rather than slaving away at the office.

Stop being burdened by reporting on site safety and start to use it to your advantage. You can get the CEO-ready reports you need whenever and wherever you need it. When you use technology to its advantage, you can not only reduce the time you spend on reporting and increase the time you spend analyzing but you can actually produce better, higher quality reports which include more educated conclusions and suggestions for improvements. With software, reporting can go from a dreaded task to a real opportunity to impress your CEO and prove that the work you do not only enhances your company’s safety performance but the business overall.

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