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A Letter From Our CRO In 2023

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February 8, 2023

3 Minutes


Tyler Davey

Tyler Davey is the General Manager for North America and Chief Revenue Officer of EcoOnline. He has 20+ years of experience working across both technology and business. He is responsible for developing and growing the brand in the North American market, managing the full suite of products in North America and driving the business through organic and further acquisition opportunities. 

Hello and welcome to 2023! I hope you have all enjoyed the start of the new year and celebrated with friends and family.  

As I looked back at my 2022 letter, I highlighted many wins, lessons, the impact of the pandemic, and multiple goals we aimed to achieve. We highlighted the key changes for us at EcoOnline and the number of great releases we had to support our eCompliance, Field iD, and Safety Intelligence solutions. Not only did we repeat our great product successes in 2022 and achieve a number of our stated goals, we also continued the trend of change with our recent announcement of EcoOnline acquiring EcoOnline EHSQ software business. 

EcoOnline is a global EHSQ and Chemical Management software provider headquartered in Norway and the United Kingdom. For over two decades, they have been dedicated to making workplaces safer – a direct alignment to our stated goal of protecting 5 million workers by 2025. EcoOnline believes in developing user-friendly software solutions to exceed our customer expectations. Our determination to help reshape the EHS and chemical industry is what drives our ambition.   

For all our customers – nothing changes.  The team, product, and organization all remain intact, and business is operating as usual.  Long term, you can expect increased investments in our product and platform as we focus exclusively on building a world class EHSQ and Chemical Management business across all regions, allowing us to protect even more workers. I am excited to see the new solutions we will bring to our customers, including advancements in Chemical Management, which will include SDS Authoring, Inventory Management, COSHH Risk Assessments, and additional SDS library support. Further, our ESG solution will continue to grow, and we will add more support for advancement in Operational Management, Quality Management, and Asset Management. We plan to operate our EHSQ business out of our North American division, with Harish Pandian leading the product and a team of 200 engineers and product folks helping create advancements and drive innovation in safety.   

In 2022’s letter, we highlighted a number of key focuses: Field iD integrating with Safety Intelligence, an ESG solution launching, and continued improvements for both features with eCompliance and stability for Field iD. I am pleased with the progress the team has made across all of these areas. 

Our Field iD (FID4) Performance Improvement project began at the beginning of 2022 and has released 5 milestones to improve the application’s performance. In almost every release, the system has seen as much as 80% improvement in how FID4 uses the mobile devices resources, resulting in dramatic improvement in user experience. 

We launched our ESG solution in North America in April of 2022 and have had a number of customers adopt the product globally. Feedback from customers has been excellent, and with the acquisition by EcoOnline, we are pleased to introduce our Biome solution alongside our ESG solution.   

In 2022, we had a total of 102 significant releases impacting the functionality of our solutions for our customers.  In the winter months of 2022, our engineering team released Smart Forms in Beta for eCompliance, which was not a small feat. Smart forms will enable users to complete forms faster by viewing sections and answering pertinent questions with fewer templates to capture key information. We are looking forward to the strides this release brings for many customers across North America to create more efficient processes within their teams. 

With this firm foundation, we look forward into 2023 as EcoOnline. Our team of over 800 people will continue to innovate across the platform. We expect to see more improvements to eCompliance – the addition of Smart Forms (in market now) launch of Visuals on forms and templates, enhancements to employee profiles, and more. We expect to introduce Chemical Manager and SDS authoring across our customers, providing a suite of chemical management offerings. We expect to fully deploy our Lone Worker and Crisis Management solution as integral parts to protecting all workers. And, we expect to continue to make advancements in predictive analytics and data-driven safety through our Safety Intelligence platform across all products, including Safety Score launch. 

Going into 2023 with a massive global team, means we continue to strive to be as efficient and in-sync as possible. We continue to pride ourselves on serving our customer base with world-class service and look forward to introducing new organizations, like yours, to our solutions. 

We are excited for 2023 and look forward to protecting your workers. 

Tyler Davey 

CRO and GM, EcoOnline North America

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