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Common Safety Program Challenges in the Electrical Industry

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May 25, 2022

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     Dina Adlouni

Dina is the resident Content Writer at EcoOnline North America . When she’s not writing about health and safety, you’ll find her enjoying a cup of tea while watching her favorite sitcom.

Risk Mitigation in the Electrical Industry

The electrical industry is full of potential dangers including the risk of shock, fires, burns and more. It’s the responsibility of the employer to keep all employees safe while on the job and having an effective and seamless safety program is key. 

The EcoOnline team wants to help you do all you can to stay on top of electrical safety to create a safer working environment. That said, let’s dive into some common challenges employers face in the electrical industry when building and implementing safety programs and how we can help you solve them.  

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3 Common Safety Program Challenges

1. A lack of visibility due to decentralization

One of the most common challenges is a lack of transparency into an organization’s safety program because of the decentralization of documents and records. Most of the time, employers are relying on a paper-based or Excel system to organize all information, with forms and documents found in different files, folders, or cabinets. Not only is this difficult to manage, but it is also inefficient to reduce incidents and provide real-time access.  

With a digital safety solution, employers can digitize and centralize all documents to gain more visibility and transparency into their forms and records. With everything housed in one cloud-based platform, employers can easily spot gaps or deficiencies in their safety program to prioritize areas of concern. This also makes it simple to identify trends and patterns in data to effectively mitigate potential risks and hazards.  

2. Increasing participation to improve safety culture

Little to no participation is an increasingly difficult challenge. This is fundamental to a safe work environment and a strong safety culture, as everyone is accountable for the safety of others.  

Putting safety in the palm of your employees’ hands can help boost participation and engagement rates. When it is easily accessible and user-friendly with the help of a mobile app, employees will be more inclined to participate. They will also see the direct ROI of their actions when leadership is able to rectify issues in a timely manner because of what they have reported or shared. This will empower employees and help them realize the valuable role they play in creating a safe workplace.  

3. Tracking training

Being able to track employee training is important to help ensure everyone is completing their job tasks and duties safely. This can be hard to manage with a paper-based or Excel system, which could lead to gaps in training and more incidents or injuries on-site. 

Having a safety training management software in place can help you gain greater visibility into employee certification and training reports by employee or department. Easily gain access to employee profiles to view training and assign the necessary courses which need to be completed. This also makes it simple to stay ahead of upcoming certification expiry dates with automated notifications or alerts.  

How EcoOnline Can Help

The EcoOnline suite of solutions can simplify the risk mitigation process in the electrical industry to better protect your people. Our cloud-based solution and mobile app can give a 360-degree view into your safety program to easily spot gaps and identify trends or patterns in safety data. This will help you prioritize high-risk areas to create a safer work environment.  

Our mobile-first platform also helps you put safety at your team’s fingertips, helping to empower them to build a stronger safety culture. With everything easily accessible to all team members and contractors, you can help bring everyone home safely at the end of the day.   

“The part of our program that was causing a disconnect was the documentation aspect – getting that paperwork from head office to the field and back was an issue. EcoOnline has solved our documentation issue. Everything is available to everyone, all the time.” – Frances Deane, Hart-Well Electrical Co. Ltd.  

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